A1 Victoria Highway (Australia)

A1 Victoria Highway (Australia)

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The Victoria highway hyperlinks the remarkable Northern highway in Western Australia with the Stuart highway within the Northern Territory.The highway is a part of the Perth – Darwin national highway hyperlink. it’s miles signed as national highway 1, and is part of highway 1, a circular course around the united states of america. it’s far 554 kilometres (344 mi) long, and most of the direction – a few 470.9 kilometres (290.9 mi) – lies inside the Northern Territory. In a few regions it runs in parallel with the Northern Territory’s Victoria River, from which its call originates.

Additional Information

Route information
Type: Highway
Length: 557.9 km (346.9 mi)
Route number(s): National Highway 1
A1 (future route in Northern Territory)
Major junctions
West end: Great Northern Highway (National Highway 1), 56km south of Wyndham, Western Australia
Duncan Road
Buchanan Highway (National Route 80)
Buntine Highway (National Route 96)
East end: Stuart Highway, (National Highway 1),
Northern Territory
Major settlements: Kununurra, Victoria River
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Highways in Western Australia
Highways in the Northern Territory
Remarks: Perth to Darwin

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