Brooker Highway (Australia)

Brooker Highway (Australia)

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The Brooker highway (occasionally called the Northern Outlet) is a highway inside the country of Tasmania, Australia. As certainly one of Hobart’s 3 most important radials, the toll road connects visitors from the Hobart town centre with the northern suburbs and is the essential street connection to the towns and cities of Northern Tasmania. With an AADT of 48,000.1, the motorway is one of the busiest in Tasmania. The Brooker highway has lately been declared part of the country wide toll road.

Additional Information

Route information
Type: Highway
Length: 17.5 km (11.2 mi)
Route number(s): National Highway 1
route number:
State Route 1
Major junctions
South end: Tasman Highway /
Davey Street /
Macquarie Street Hobart, Tasmania
Domain Highway
Goodwood Road
Lyell Highway
for full list see Exits
North end: Midland Highway, Granton, Hobart
Region: Hobart
Major suburbs: Glebe, Lutana, Goodwood, Glenorchy, Montrose, Rosetta, Berriedale, Claremont, Austins Ferry
Highway system Highways in Australia
National Highway Freeways in Australia
Highways in Tasmania
Remarks: Hobart to Burnie

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