Main North Road (Australia)

Main North Road (Australia)

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important North avenue is the most important north-south arterial path through the suburbs north of the Adelaide town Centre inside the town of Adelaide, South Australia. It maintains north thru the settled regions of South Australia and is a complete of 306 kilometres (190 mi) long, from North Adelaide to 20 kilometres (thirteen mi) out of Port Augusta.

Additional Information

Route information
Type: Road
Length: 306 km (190 mi)
Route number(s): B56
(Wilmington-Giles Corner)
(Giles Corner-Gawler)
(Gawler-Gepps Cross)
(Gepps Cross-North Adelaide)
route number:
National Route 56
(Stirling North-Wilmington)
National Route 32
(Giles Corner-Gawler)
National Highway A20
(Gawler-Gepps Cross) before 2010
(Gawler-Gepps Cross) 2010–2016
National Highway 1
(Gepps Cross-North Adelaide)
Major junctions
North end: Augusta Highway, Winninowie near Port Augusta, South Australia
Horrocks Highway
Wilmington-Ucolta Road
Goyder Highway
Gulnare-Spalding Road
Clare-Peterborough Road
Robe Terrace North Adelaide, South Australia
South end: Barton Terrace and O’Connell Street,
North Adelaide
Major suburbs: Wilmington, Gladstone, Clare, Giles Corner, Gawler, Elizabeth
Remarks: Perth to Adelaide

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