A1 motorway (Belgium)

A1 motorway (Belgium)

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The A1 is a prime Belgian toll road linking the capital Brussels to Antwerp and then to the Dutch border turning to the A16 within the Netherlands. The motorway is a part of the E19.

Additional Information

Route information:
Length: 71 km (41 mi)
Major junctions:
North end: A16 at Dutch border
AB-AS.svg 1a Transportzone Meer
AB-AS.svg 1 Meer N146
AB-AS.svg 2 Loenhout N144
AB-AS.svg 3 N115b
AB-AS.svg 4 Sint-Job-in-‘t-Goor N117
AB-AS.svg 5 Kleine Bareel N1 / N11
AB-Kreuz.svg Antwerpen-Noord junction A12
Multiplex with A12 and R1
AB-Kreuz.svg Antwerpen-Zuid junction E 34 / R1 / A12 / N1 / N155 / R10
AB-AS.svg 6 Wilrijk R11
AB-AS.svg 6a U.Z.A. N106
AB-AS.svg 7 Kontich N171
AB-AS.svg 8 Rumst N1 / N1c
AB-AS.svg 9 Mechelen-Noord R6 / N1 / N16
AB-AS.svg 10 Mechelen-Zuid B101 N1 / N109
AB-AS.svg 11 Zemst N227 / N267
AB-AS.svg 12 Vilvoorde-Luchthavenlaan N21 / N211
South end: Machelen junction R0
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