A2 motorway (Belgium)

A2 motorway (Belgium)

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The A2 is a Belgian toll road that coincides absolutely with the Belgian part of the eu path E314. It starts offevolved in Leuven, at the junction with the A3/E40 within the province of Flemish Brabant. Then it goes via the province of Limburg, in which it crosses the A13/E313 in Lummen. It ends at the Dutch border, in which it have become the Dutch A76.

Additional Information

Route information:
Length: 88.0 km (55.0 mi)
Major junctions:
West end: Leuven junction E 40 / A3
15 Leuven N264
16 Gasthuisberg
17 Leuven N2
18 Herent N26 / N26a
20 Wilsele N19
21 Holsbeek N229
22 Aarschot N223
23 Tielt-Winge N258
24 Bekkevoort N2 / N29
25 Halen N2
26 Lummen-Centrum N717 / N717b
Lummen junction E 313 / A13
27 Circuit Zolder N729
28 Zolder N72
29 Houthalen-Helchteren N74 / N715 / N715a
30 Park Midden-Limburg N726
31 Genk-Centrum N76
32 Genk-Oost N75 / N744
33 Maasmelechen N78
East end: E 314 / A76 at Dutch border
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