A3 motorway (Belgium)

A3 motorway (Belgium)

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The A3 is a Belgian motorway (in particular labeled because the E40) extending from the east of Brussels (side road Reyers), via Leuven, onwards to Liège. simply beyond the ring of Liège, the motorway continues to Verviers, Eupen and the German border.

Additional Information

Route information:
Length: 134.0 km (83.0 mi)
Major junctions:
West end: R21 / N23 in Brussels
AB-AS.svg 19 Evere N294
AB-AS.svg 20 Kraainem R22
AB-Kreuz.svg Sint.-Stevens-Woluwe junction R0
AB-AS.svg 21 Steenokkerzeel/Sterrebeek N227
AB-AS.svg 22 Tervuren N3
AB-Kreuz.svg Leuven junction E 314 / A2
AB-AS.svg 23 Haasrode-Blanden/Waver N25
AB-AS.svg 24 Boutersem N234
AB-AS.svg 25 Tienen N29
AB-AS.svg 26 Jodoigne/Orp-Jauche N222 / N279
AB-AS.svg 27 Huy/Lincent N64
AB-AS.svg 28 Hannuit/St-Truiden N80
AB-AS.svg 28a Geer N615
AB-AS.svg 29 Waremme N69
AB-AS.svg 30 St-Georges-s/M N614
AB-AS.svg 31
AB-Kreuz.svg Loncin junction E 25 / A602 / E 42 / A15
AB-AS.svg 32 Alleur
AB-AS.svg 33 Rocourt/Tongres N20
AB-Kreuz.svg Vottem junction E 313 / A13 / N655
AB-Kreuz.svg A601 / E 313 / A13
AB-AS.svg 34 Hermée
AB-AS.svg 35 Oupeye N671
AB-Kreuz.svg Cheratte junction E 25 / A25
AB-AS.svg 36 Blégny N604 / N642
AB-AS.svg 37 Herve N3
AB-Kreuz.svg Battice junction E 42 / A27 / N3 / N648
AB-AS.svg 37bis Thimister-Clermont
AB-AS.svg unnumbered
AB-AS.svg 38 Eupen/Welkenraedt N67
AB-AS.svg 39 Aachen-Sud/Eynatten N68
AB-AS.svg 40 Lichtenbusch
East end: A 44 at German border near Aachen
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