A1 motorway (Slovenia)

A1 motorway (Slovenia)

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The A1 highway (Slovene: avtocesta A1), additionally referred to as Slovenika, is 235 km (145 mi) lengthy, connecting Šentilj (on the Austrian border) and Koper/Capodistria (on the seashores of the Adriatic Sea). It passes several important Slovenian cities, consisting of Maribor, Celje and Ljubljana all of the way to the Slovenian Littoral and Koper, with its crucial port.

Additional Information

Route information:
Part of: E57 / E59 / E61 / E70
Length: 236.1 km (146.7 mi)
Major junctions:
From: A9 in Austria
H2 near Pesnica
A5 near Dragučova
H2 near Spodnje Hoče
A4 near Spodnje Hoče
H3 near Ljubljana
A2 near Ljubljana
H4 near Razdrto
A3 near Gabrk
To: H5 near Ankaran
Major cities: Maribor, Celje, Ljubljana, Postojna, Koper
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