A10 motorway (Romania)

A10 motorway (Romania)

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The Sebeș–Turda motorway (Romanian: Autostrada Sebeș–Turda) is a motorway underneath production within the important-western a part of Romania, as a way to join the A1 and the A3 motorways, between the cities of Sebeș and Turda, additionally supplying get admission to to Alba Iulia and Aiud. it’s far deliberate to be 71 km lengthy, with a total price of 421 million euro, which is financed in share of 85% from the european Union budget, the relaxation of 15% being insured from the kingdom finances.

Additional Information

Route information:
Length: 0.0 km (0.0 mi)
71 km (43 mi) planned
70 km (43 mi) under construction
Major junctions:
From: Sebeș (junction with A1)
To: Turda (junction with A3)
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