A308(M) motorway (United Kingdom)

A308(M) motorway (United Kingdom)

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The A308(M) is a toll road in Berkshire, England. it’s far 0.7 miles (1.0 km) lengthy. It bureaucracy part of the Maidenhead bypass and runs from the M4 at junction eight/9 to the A308 south of Maidenhead city centre.

Additional Information

Route information:
Length: 0.7 mi (1 km)
Existed: 1971 – present
Major junctions:
From: M4 Junction 8/9
Junction 8-9 UK-Motorway-M4
M4 motorway
UK-Motorway-A404 (M)
A404(M) motorway
To: Maidenhead (Bray Wick)
Primary destinations: Maidenhead, Windsor, Bracknell
Highway system Roads in the United Kingdom
Motorways A and B road zones

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