A329(M) motorway (United Kingdom)

A329(M) motorway (United Kingdom)

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The A329(M) is a toll road in Berkshire, England. it is 4.2 miles (6.6 km) long and runs from the west of Bracknell to the north west of Winnersh. it’s miles certainly one of a small wide variety of elements of the motorway gadget in England which are managed by the local delivery authority, in this situation Wokingham Borough Council, in preference to Highways England.

Additional Information

Route information:
Length: 4.2 mi (6.6 km)
Existed: 1972 – present
History: Constructed 1972–75
Major junctions:
South end: Bracknell
Junction 10 UK-Motorway-M4
M4 motorway
North end: Winnersh
Primary destinations: Bracknell
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Motorways A and B road zones

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