A4 motorway (Romania)

A4 motorway (Romania)

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The A4 motorway (Romanian: Autostrada A4) is a toll road in Romania that serves as a pass for the city of Constanța, among Ovidiu and the Port of Constanţa, connecting with the A2 motorway through an interchange southwest of the metropolis. it’s far 23 km long and is deliberate to be prolonged to about 61 kilometers, stretching similarly south to the Bulgarian border south of Mangalia, alongside the western Black sea coast. The motorway is part of an extension of the Pan-ecu hall IV, with the intention to be connecting with the Bulgarian city of Varna.

Additional Information

Route information:
Length: 23 km (15 mi)
61 km (38 mi) planned (approx.)
Major junctions:
From: Ovidiu
To: Vama Veche (Border with Bulgaria)
Major cities: Constanța, Mangalia
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