A6 motorway (Luxembourg)

A6 motorway (Luxembourg)

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The Autoroute 6, abbreviated to A6 or otherwise called the Arlon motorway (French: Autoroute d’Arlon), is a toll road in southern and western Luxembourg. it’s far 20 kilometres (12 mi) long and connects Luxembourg town, in the south, to Kleinbettingen, inside the west. At Kleinbettingen, it reaches the Belgian border, whereupon it meets the A4, which leads to Brussels via Arlon and Namur.

Additional Information

Route information:
Part of: E25
Length: 20 km (12 mi)
Existed: 1976 – present
History: Completed in 1982
Major junctions
North end: Croix de Gasperich for Luxembourg City, A1, A3
Croix de Cessange
South end: Belgian Autoroute 4 for Arlon
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