A9 road (Latvia)

A9 road (Latvia)

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The A9 is a countrywide street in Latvia connecting Riga to 0.32 biggest town of Latvia, Liepāja through Skulte, also referred to as Liepāja highway in Latvia. the road is part of Latvian TEN-T street network. After Liepāja, the street turns in to Latvian A11. The duration of A9 in Latvian territory is two hundred kilometers.

Additional Information

Route information:
Length: 199 km (124 mi)
Major junctions
From: Riga
A5 near Piņķi
P99 near Tīreļi
P101 near Tīreļi
P98 near Grauzde
P97 near Annenieki
P104 near Biksti
P109 near Brocēni
P105 near Saldus
P108 near Saldus
P107 near Skrunda
P116 near Skrunda
P117 near Skrunda
P115 near Kalvene
P112 near Grobiņa
P116 near Grobiņa
P111 near Grobiņa
P113 near Grobiņa
P110 near Liepāja
To: Liepāja / A11
Major cities: Riga, Annenieki, Biksti, Saldus, Skrunda, Liepāja
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