D4 motorway (Slovakia)

D4 motorway (Slovakia)

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D4 is a highway in southwestern Slovakia. The deliberate highway is generally called the Bratislava pass. presently there may be most effective a short stretch from Austrian border at Jarovce to the junction with D2 (part of the former D61), construction of which started out in 1996 and became opened in 1998. There are plans to extend it to the toll road D1 between Bratislava and Senec as a way to create a southern bypass of Bratislava, in which it will intersect with planned expressway R7 as nicely.

Additional Information

Route information:
Length: 3.25 km (2.15 mi)
Planned: 33.0 km (21.0 mi)
Major junctions:
From: A6 A6 in Austria
D2 D2 near Jarovce, Bratislava
To: D1
Regions: Bratislava Region
Major cities: Bratislava
Highway system Highways in Slovakia
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