State road D.010 (Turkey)

State road D.010 (Turkey)

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D-010, aka Black Sea Coastal avenue, is a first-rate west-east country road in northern Turkey that serves the Black beach. The 1,428 km (888 mi) course starts within the west on the intersection D-014 , 5.0 km (3.2 mi) southeast of Karasu, Sakarya Province, and terminates on the intersection D-060 , 25 km (16 mi) northeast of Kars in japanese Anatolia. but, it’s miles discontinued among Zonguldak and 11 km (6.72 mi) southwest of Çaycuma. the distance of 36 km (22 mi) distance is on the highway D-750 .

Additional Information

Route information:
Part of: E.70 E.97
Length: 1,428 km (888 mi)
Major junctions:
West end: Karasu, Sakarya Province
East end: Akçakale, Kars Province
Highway system Turkish State Highway System (Devlet Yolu)

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