21 Best Miranda Lambert Love & Party Hits For Your Wedding

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If you’re a fan of country music, then it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that you’re considering Miranda Lambert songs for your big day. She is one of the biggest stars in the genre and has made a name for herself with her powerful voice and honest songwriting.

Since Lambert first came onto the scene, she has released nine studio albums, and each one is packed with amazing tracks that would be perfect for a wedding. Read on to learn more about her best wedding tunes, and get ideas for your own big day!

miranda lambert love songs

About Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert is a country singer and songwriter. She got her start in music as a teenager when she joined the Johnnie High Country Music Revue show as a contestant. While that didn’t lead to Lambert’s big break, she was able to use the experience (and her father’s guitar lessons) to write and record music of her own, releasing her self-titled debut album in 2003.

While her musical career may have started out slowly, Lambert soon found success when she rose to fame as a contestant on the television show Nashville Star in 2003. Despite coming in third place, she caught the attention of record company executives, who signed her to a recording contract.

From there, she released her debut single “Me and Charlie Talking” in 2004 and her first album “Kerosene” the following year. Lambert’s career has continued to grow over the years, and she has since released eight more studio albums, won numerous awards, and become one of the most successful country music artists in history.

Now that you know a little bit more about Lambert, let’s take a look at some of her best wedding and party songs. While her music covers a range of emotions and topics, most of her tunes would be perfect for either a romantic wedding or a fun party.

Spotify Miranda Lambert Playlist

Miranda Lambert Wedding Songs List

If You Were Mine
Miranda Lambert & Leon Bridges
Released in 2023

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I’d rope the moon for you
A million times
That’s what I’d do
If you were mine

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The House That Built Me
Released in 2009 on the album Revolution

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

If I could just come in, I swear I’ll leave
Won’t take nothin’ but a memory
From the house that built me

This ballad is one of Lambert’s biggest hits, catapulting to the top of the charts when it was released and earning her a Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who returns to her childhood home. While the lyrics are sad in parts, the song is ultimately about finding comfort and familiarity in the places that we’ve been before.

“The House That Built Me” would be a great choice for a sentimental wedding ceremony or reception, and its slow tempo would make for a beautiful and moving moment, especially if the venue holds personal significance for the wedding couple.

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Holding on to You
Released in 2014 on the album Platinum

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Felt the burn of the desert wind
Seen some promise and I do’s
Ain’t no moment like when I’m holding onto you

Weddings are all about celebrating enduring love, and what could be a more perfect song to symbolize that than “Holding On to You”? This ballad is all about two people who are committed to each other, no matter what life throws their way. It’s the perfect song for a couple who has been through tough times and come out stronger on the other side.

If you’re looking for a song that will make your guests feel the love, “Holding on to You” is it. It’s the perfect choice for a slow dance or first dance, and its heartfelt lyrics will touch everyone in attendance.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Released in 2007 on the album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

She kissed him while I got a beer
She didn’t think I’d show up here
I’m a crazy ex-girlfriend

It’s upbeat, fun, and perfect for a party! Understandably, it may not be a popular choice to play at a formal wedding, but it would be great for a more casual reception. Some might say that the song is a little bit tongue-in-cheek, but that’s what makes it so great.

It’s a lighthearted look at the ups and downs of relationships, and who doesn’t need a good laugh at their wedding? The lyrics are catchy and the track is sure to get everyone on their feet.

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Makin’ Plans
Released in 2009 on the album Revolution

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Cause I know you like the back of my hand
Got a heart of gold and a piece of land
I’m your girl and you’re my man
And we’re makin’ plans

Lyrically, this song is all about being in love and planning a future with the person you care for. It’s a sweet, romantic song that would be perfect for a bride and groom who are celebrating their new life together.

The song has a gentle melody and would be great for either a church wedding or an outdoor ceremony. You can’t help but smile when you listen to it, and that’s the perfect mood for a wedding.

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Love Song
Released in 2009 on the album Revolution

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Even though I got a million things to tell him
I know right now he just needs some space
That’s what makes it love
That’s what makes it a love song

With a song title that’s a little bit on the nose, you won’t go wrong with adding this track to your wedding playlist. It’s a classic love song, with lyrics that are simple but effective.

It tells of a love that’s understanding and never-ending, and it’s the perfect choice for a bride and groom who want to dance to a romantic ballad. It can also be a good choice for the signing of the marriage license.

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Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)
Released in 2021 on the album Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Not staying in to fight
I’m staying out all night
Baby, I’m drunk, and I don’t wanna go home

This song is a little bit more party-friendly, and that’s why it’s perfect for your wedding reception. It’s about having a good time and not wanting the night to end, and who doesn’t feel that way at their wedding?

It’s a high-energy track that will get everyone on the dance floor. Just be warned – you may have some guests who are still singing “Drunk” long after the reception is over!

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How Dare You Love
Released in 2019 on the album Wildcard

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Rough around the edges, walkin’ off the ledges, goin’ insane
You show up and put your spell on me
Oh, the nerve
How dare you love

This song is a newer track from Lambert, and it’s already become a fan favorite. It’s about a love that’s intense and all-consuming, and although it may seem like a bad thing at first, the song ultimately celebrates that kind of love.

If you and your spouse are the kinds of people who go all-in with everything you do, “How Dare You Love” is the perfect song for your wedding. It’s a declaration of love that’s unapologetic and fearless, and it’s sure to get everyone fired up! Not to mention, the beat is insanely catchy.

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Settling Down
Released in 2019 on the album Wildcard

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

One heart goin’ both directions
One love and a couple of questions
Am I settlin’ up or settlin’ down?

A song that perfectly mirrored her life at the time of release, “Settling Down” is all being caught between wanting to stay young and wild, and wanting the stability of a family. It’s a beautiful song with an equally beautiful message.

The song speaks to the idea of change and growth, both in life and in love, and it’s a great choice for a wedding couple who are starting their lives together. As long as you are both confident with the path you’re choosing, this song can be the perfect addition to your wedding playlist.

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Miranda Lambert Highest-Ranking Singles

  • #1 “The House That Built Me”, 2010
  • #1 “Heart Like Mine”, 2011
  • #1 “Over You”, 2012
  • #1 “We Were Us” (Keith Urban with Miranda Lambert), 2013
  • #1 “Somethin’ Bad” (with Carrie Underwood), 2014
  • #1 “Forever Country” (as a member of Artists of Then, Now & Forever), 2016
  • #2 “White Liar”, 2009
  • #2 “Mama’s Broken Heart”, 2013
  • #2 “Vice”, 2016
  • #3 “Baggage Claim”, 2011
  • #3 “Drowns the Whiskey” (Jason Aldean featuring Miranda Lambert), 2018
  • #3 “Bluebird”, 2019
  • #4 “Automatic”, 2014
  • #5 “Little Red Wagon”, 2015

Do you have a favorite Miranda Lambert love song? Please share your song below and why it is special to you.

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