Marlon Cherry Song Gonna Be There For You

Marlon Cherry Gonna Be There For You

Song Title: Gonna Be There For You

Artist: Marlon Cherry

Released: February 2021

Lyrics Quote: “I will be your rock that you need, to put your arms around when you’re feeling like I let you down”

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Pop, R&B

Wedding Moment to Play: A wedding ceremony song for walking down the aisle or as a unity song.

What you should know from the artist:

Marlon Cherry is an Afro Mauritian Singer and Songwriter born in the City of Durban,Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa currently residing in The U.K. He has been performing at the earliest age of 6.

Marlon later began playing and touring with several bands throughout Italy, Brazil and The United Kingdom. Around the same time, he started recording music locally with several DJ/Producers in Italy (mostly Dance, EDM and NuJazz).

While on vacation in Italy, a successful music producer from London by the name of Antony Westgate, who produced songs for Miley Cyrus, heard one of Marlon’s experimental tracks in a hotel lobby who expressed interest in the unknown artist and decided to put him under his wing. They ended up recording Marlon Cherry’s debut solo album: “They Saw Us Coming” in 2017-18. It is an eclectic blend of Dance, Pop, R&B, and Soul ballads.

Sample the song:

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