Wedding DJ Passion & Energy with DJ Freddie B – E95

DJ Freddie B Podcast 95



Freddie Borras Jr. of DJ Freddie B and Matt Campbell of My Wedding Songs sit down and chat about Passion and Energy and weddings. Listen to a fun-filled episode with topics including:

  • Memorable Wedding Moment
  • Energy & Party Leader
  • Finding
  • Meet DJ Freddie B
  • Team Effort
  • The Wedding Experience
  • Bouquet/Garter Tosses
  • Do Not Play Lists
  • Interactive DJ
  • Popular Music
  • Puerto Rican Wedding
  • Wedding Itinerary
  • Explicit Lyrics Songs
  • Nonstandard Hit
  • Wedding Couple Sets The Tone
  • Regional Hits

Podcast Transcript

Welcome everybody to the 95th episode of the Wedding Songs Podcast. I am Matt Campbell and today, you guys are going to love this. I have DJ Freddie B all the way from Virginia.

Go ahead and say hi Freddie. Hey, what’s going on everybody? How are you doing? Awesome.

Thanks for being here today. And I’m going to start off this conversation like I do with all of the other interviews. And that is, can you tell everybody about some of your memorable wedding moments?

Memorable Wedding Moment

Wow. Memorable wedding moments. All right. One was a friend of mine asked me to DJ his wedding, in Atlantic City at the Borgata. I actually got to go there and it was a very beautiful spot. It had a little, private swimming pool and they put all the tables around the pool.

The pool wasn’t covered. You had to pay extra for that from what I understand. But, it was beautiful and just the scenery. Plus these guys were a lot of fun. So a lot of the songs they picked and the way they came out, they were just hamming it up to the point where one of the groomsmen, came out in that, T Rex outfit, you know, and, oh my, goodness.

It was just such a ball. Just the experience alone, especially with people I know and had friends was really cool. Now there was even a cooler part, but I missed out. So during that time, we just finished the ceremony. Now it’s a transition going up to the reception hall.

Well, during that time, I had to pack up my gear. That was in the ceremony while these guys started going to the reception part, they actually ran into Charles Barkley, who was there and took pictures with him and everything. And because I went back to pack up my stuff I missed out on going with them because I definitely would have been with them because I’ve known this guy since like fifth grade or sixth grade.

But yeah, I missed out on the Charles Barkley thing and he, Charles was so cool from what I heard, and they took a picture with them and everything. So that was the cool part of the experience, of Atlantic City.

It’s funny you say that DJing a friend’s wedding. I always find those are typically one of the worst because you know everybody there and you have to work. So I always find those to be some of the worst. But the one thing that you did say is it’s a party atmosphere, know, that they’re ready to party and have a good time.

And I think that that’s one of the great things, like you said, at that particular wedding, that that makes it really fun.

Energy & Party Leader

Oh, absolutely. And you know, for me, I’m that type of guy. One, I’m an energy person. I really believe in energy and I feel I have a talent for creating energy with people because, hey I want to have fun.

And I’m the party leader. I got to represent, I got to bring my energy. And because of that, everything kind of falls in line with that kind of mindset. When I apply that to people I know, right, I know that they know where I live, I know they can always find me, so it’s kind of like, for me, a competitive thing too I want to knock it out, I want to crush it for them because I love these guys, and the people I love, I work for the most.

Now I apply that to the whole, the way I do. So when I do book clients, part of my speech to them, and it’s legit is at the end of the night, this is not Hey, have a nice life kind of thing. I’m friends with all my clients we’re Facebook friends. I want to see you grow old together.

I want to see you guys have babies, and see families, I really believe that. The way I carry my friendships, in this client business helps me stay on my toes and helps me deliver, an awesome experience for them because I love what I do. So that’s exactly why I wanted to have you on the show because of your passion and because of your energy, exactly what you said.

I’m like, I have to have this guy on the podcast and you’re the fourth one to be on the podcast. So that’s how high you rate.


Oh, I appreciate it. I already told you the first time I met you I’ve been following you forever. It’s just so amazing how such a small world, but you know, I found your site one day as I was searching for ideas for a client. And I was looking at it, I was like, man, this site is amazing. And then all of a sudden it just became part of my routine that, Hey, if you have any questions, especially after planning. I tell them, Hey, you don’t need final answers, but during this, I’m going to give you all the options, all the ideas.

And then at the end, if you’re looking for suggestions, cause you can’t figure out stuff. I got this great website that you can check out for all sorts of different events of a ceremony and a reception. And it was all laid out professionally boom. And for the longest time, I’ve been recommending this as part of my spiel.

I’m recommending you should check out the site. You should check out the site. And then one day going to a DJX and then seeing you there. Oh, that was just it was amazing for me because I appreciate all the work that you’ve ever done on that site. It’s such for me, a blessing to have such a great resource and it just didn’t pop up.

You’ve worked that and I benefit from that clients benefit from that, thank you. Seriously like thank you.

Thanks. Thank you I really appreciate that Yeah, it’s been a long work in progress. That’s why I wanted to shine a light on some people in the industry.

And you’re definitely one of those. Enough about me. Why don’t you tell everybody just a little bit about you and your company and how you go about weddings.

Meet DJ Freddie B

So I’m a single op. Basically, because I have a full-time job I do this on the side, but I don’t treat it like a side business.

I’m really into this. I don’t advertise. A lot of my business is word of mouth. It all started for me really because I love to dance. I love to dance. And the one thing better, Then if I can’t dance is making people dance. So that’s how I kind of got into it. I was always that one guy.

Even from growing up, my dad used to have a Michael Jackson LP, the Thriller album. He would take that to different people’s houses. Cause in a Puerto Rican culture, when we go to somebody’s house, we’re always dancing, partying and he would take that and I would dance Billie Jean and have a little Michael Jackson session.

And that’s how my dancing started. Then somewhere I stopped dancing and didn’t learn how to dance again until like I was in seventh or eighth grade. And I had some friends who started getting me into that. And then next thing, you know That became my true passion. I love to dance. So one day, later on in life, I’m working at Sprint and then, I have my boss at the time.

She had a husband who opened a DJ business. He said, Hey, I think you have a great personality. Would you want to come and work for me? I was like, man, I would love to, but I don’t know how to work that or do any of that. He’s like, no problem. I’ll teach you and I became kind of his assistant and learning the wedding industry.

Team Effort

That’s mostly what we did. And I loved it from the minute I’m a server, I’m a pleaser. I’m a selfless guy. When it’s wedding time, it’s a team effort. I tell everybody, it doesn’t matter how well I do. If I do great and you don’t do good, the client still has an okay experience.

I want all of us to shine. I’m willing to let people know upfront, Hey, give them a heads up. We’re about to do cake over here. Photographers just letting you know that way you can set up, and get ready. And I have a lot of. referrals from venues and photographers, videographers, because they know if I’m there, I’m going to do my best to do whatever I can to help the team.

When it’s not just about me. Trust me, there’s a part of it is about me, but there’s a bigger part that is about the team because it’s a team effort, a wedding. It would suck for me if I had to deal with a bride who was really distraught because something happened with the photographer that they messed up and then I have to feel some of that vibe and I might have to even work harder to bring it up. Team effort.

Your passion really comes through. I think that one of the things that I always strive for is having happy clients. It doesn’t matter what it takes. You just have to make sure that they’re always happy. They’re having a good time because in the end, what are they going to remember?

They and everybody at the wedding are going to remember if they had a good time.

The Wedding Experience

Absolutely. It’s about the wedding experience. That’s part of what I tell people about the wedding experience with me. From the minute I book you, we’re definitely gonna have two meetings.

One’s a planning meeting, I’m going to give you all the options available from the way intros to the bouquet and garter to the cake, to even the ceremony, it’s not my place necessarily because I, again, I’m not stepping on toes. So the efficient should be the final say, but nowadays they’re having friends ordained or such and the friends need help because they have no idea that at least in this area after you kiss, you are then turned around and presented as Mr. And Mrs. To your guests, some just see it on the movie. The kiss and the music come on and then they walk out. So just a few details like that I’ll recommend, all right, so how many people in your party, how long is the distance?

You might want to think about one or two songs instead of one, especially if you have a song that’s two minutes and 30 seconds and you have 10 people that might not work. Little tips and tricks I do in the planning meeting. And then as we get into the grind of wedding week, we have one more meeting, dot the I’s, cross the T’s, and then it’s showtime.

So that’s that part. Then during that time, I’m getting their music, getting all set up, and then showtime. Big day, smiles, energy, life, and then, hey, let’s go, let’s party, and that’s the experience.

Awesome. Since you brought this up are you seeing in your area couples that are still doing the bouquet toss and the cake cutting or are those starting to fade out?

Bouquet/Garter Tosses

Actually, those are starting to fade out, but I’m one that I like to be different and it’s not necessarily different, but the one thing I pitched to couples, I’m like, what about. Instead, of inviting just the ladies, what about if we made this, I’m inviting all the ladies because whoever catches this bouquet is going to win Susie’s favorite bottle of wine or favorite whatever.

And now. You have everybody, now this is for pictures really, everybody’s going for the bouquet and trust me when I tell you, there’s no sidestep in this, people will go for this, then, example, the bottle of wine, you make it, maybe it’s your favorite winery, now you have a personalized thing you can talk about, the groom, for the garter, you know what, If you’re uncomfortable, you don’t have to go under and take the guard off.

We can just skip that. Do you like football? Yeah. Okay. What’s your team? Let’s say it’s the Commanders. All right. Maybe we get a soft little football. You put the garter around that and we have the garter toss. And then whoever wins the same thing. All the gentlemen out. Whoever catches this will win his favorite bottle of liquor and his liquor.

Now it’s a story. Oh, you like Black Label. I love Black Label. So that’s how I get them to kind of think before you say no, cause most of them are ready to say no. And I know that. But I like to give them this one option because who knows there might be people that would think, Hey, having, somebody win something at my wedding is different.

It’s cool. and it’s personalized. It’s not just random.

I love that it brings everybody into the wedding day instead of, Oh my gosh, there’s only four people on the floor that are trying to catch the bouquet. And they’re all under 10.

So, here’s the thing too, there is one caveat that I always say when I’m announcing to the guests this special thing we’re gonna do.

And I always mention, hey, if you’re under the age of 21, you choose your adult of choice if there’s any liquor involved. Just in case there are any youngins and there have been, and it’s cool when they get to show dad or show mom this is for you. It’s like, yeah, good kid.

Or just have a plan B. Maybe you have a second bouquet that you give the girl who’s under 12 or maybe you have something else for them as a token. Very good idea. I’m gonna have to implement that for sure. Think about that. Awesome.

That’s a backup plan anyway. Talking about playlists, do you commonly get do not playlists for your weddings?

Do Not Play Lists

I do. I do get do not playlists here and there. The biggest thing for me and my clients, of things I’d like to advise them is to focus on the things they like, focus on the things they really want to hear, because the more I know about that, the more I can fill in the gaps to make things transition smoother now.

With that said, of course, I want to know the ones you absolutely don’t want to hear but definitely try to stay focused more on the stuff you do like versus you don’t like. Yes, I do get it. And it’s usually the same type of song. Those songs are, for example, like the Chicken Dance, maybe the Macarena, maybe some of the goofier ones, but what doesn’t work for one works for another. Sometimes it’s a YMCA, but with this crowd, Oh, the YMCA is definitely on.

Interactive DJ

And for me, again, I’m an energy person. So, what I like to do is to be different. I’m not just behind my console. I’m very interactive. I go out on the floor. I’m dancing with y’all.

I feel like I’m very good at prompting. So we all know the chorus of songs. And then I like to lead the charge in, all right, one, two, three, let’s go. Stuff like that. And it just makes people again, it’s just creating more energy. The more people are shouting, the more people are just acting silly in that way, the more people enjoy themselves and be like, wow, this is cool. This is cool.

Coming out of their comfort zone. That’s what you’re great at for sure. Trying to build that space where you can.

Perfectly said. Talking about what’s getting everybody out on the dance floor for your area there’s certain music that’s popular on the West Coast, popular on the East Coast could even be East Coast, North, South.

So what are you seeing that’s really popular right now as far as music goes?

Popular Music

I think I’m in a good area where it’s very diverse and there’s all sorts of music that everybody loves the 2000 bangers, the 90s bangers both pop and hip hop. I think those are really coming on strong because of the age of the bridal party.

As far as new stuff. Cruel Summer, Morgan Wallen’s stuff with Last Night, or Broadway Girls. Oh, definitely some of the hip-hop. It’s the younger ones really are the ones that want that, but they can’t necessarily have it because I have to find a fine line between satisfying my younger crowd, which I’m there to do, but also respecting my older crowd, which is watching the younger crowd.

Meaning like school dances which I still do, because I love the energy of kids the energy of kids when they’re having a blast is even sometimes more than adults having a blast. These guys and that energy itself. And so I want to please these kids.

It’s always finding a good balance of playing the right songs. And if I can’t play the right songs, maybe I drop a little instrumental beat for a bar just to give them some nuggets. But I also love line dancing. Some people hate line dancing.

I love line dancing. Why? Because it’s another interaction point. With me and the guests, I love leading them so don’t be scared. If you don’t know how to keep a shuffle, come on out. I’ll show you how to do it to the right, two, three, four to the yeah. And, some of the things that I’m seeing too are ones that really have been working for me, the two throwbacks for them is Baby by Justin Bieber which seems to be super.

And then I would say Hollaback Girl. Every time I throw that out that is a girl in many ways, but especially lately when I’m throwing that, that just seems to really get things going.

Exactly what you’re saying, the newer stuff versus the older stuff Shania Twain, Man! I Feel Like A Woman now we’re trying to just get into that newer stuff like Hollaback Girl and other newer girl anthems. I think that that’s important to know those hits.

I know for a fact that now, Taylor Swift all the songs whether I’m playing You Belong to Me or whether I’m playing Love Story. Those two especially these are the girls that grew up with Taylor they love those songs.

And those have been big hits, 2000s pop has really worked well lately, just because again, the ages of people getting married, the nostalgia of it, and with newer songs, as fun as it is, you gotta bring some of the old generation with it. So if you’re not, figure out ways to make it vibe. Then you’re not capturing the whole audience.

You’re just capturing the younger part. Whereas Rita Ora, what is it? Fat Boy Slim’s Praise, I think, kept the energy, and the truthfulness of the song, but added her flair to it. Those kinds of things I really believe are now what people want, because the older crowd I consider myself since I’m almost 50 to be part of that. We want to hear our stuff, but we’re cool hearing your stuff too. So let’s have a fusion of it, but keep it more to the original versus a total remix. To me, I want to feel that original in there, but you can do your spin, but just keep that original sense.

Just like Little Boo Thang is exploding right now with the remix of Best of My Love by The Emotions. Yep, yep, Exactly.

And David Guetta, I can’t tell you how many things he’s re-mixed that just blew up. Yep, especially now with the I’m Good, I’m Blue. Right. Absolutely.

I’m going to go on a tangent here a little bit. Can you tell me a little bit about a typical Puerto Rican wedding and maybe how they’re different than a standard traditional wedding?

Puerto Rican Wedding

Wow. , well, I would say you’re definitely going to hear more salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, stuff like that. Definitely. It’s more festive you know what?

That’s not always true. It’s not necessarily more festive, because most of the weddings I’ve done are here. Right. So I haven’t done any over there. So I don’t know the true sense of the culture of how weddings are done over there. But when I do weddings over here and I know the clients, are Puerto Rican, then I tend to, definitely pick out more Puerto Rican vibes.

More local artists that fit Puerto Rican culture, like, a grand combo. Which is a Puerto Rican salsa band, versus, just any other salsa band, I stick to more stuff that they would recognize maybe some, some old school stuff, old school salsa stuff for the older crowd it has a slower pace than the newer salsa stuff now, but I don’t personally, I don’t necessarily feel there’s a Difference, except for the music selection.

Thanks for answering that because I was just thinking in your area what would be the differences? So that’s interesting. So the people that are listening, if somebody comes up to you and they say, I want a salsa song, what song are you going to put on that? You’re saying, yes, I’m definitely going to play one or one or two of these songs.

For me, Vivir Mi Vida that it’s not necessarily a salsa song it is, but Marc Anthony has a pop version of it. That’s up-tempo that you can match up with dance, But the actual salsa ones that I enjoy are Micaela’s. I can’t remember the artist that sings it off the top of my head. And, there is this one that, Gran Combo Brujeria. Which I love.

What does the typical itinerary look like for a wedding in your area? So are people getting introduced and then going into the first dance and then eating? Or are they skipping a lot of the traditions? What are you commonly seeing in your area? So commonly is Intros followed by the first dance.

Wedding Itinerary

To me, one of the biggest reasons is because this is the time when all eyes are on you. Eating appetizers is the same as eating a dinner. They’ve been drinking a little bit socializing, but they come in and this is the first time that it’s really like, It’s about to be party time.

With that said, everything’s focused on that moment. To me, it makes a natural progression to go into the first dance, because once you feed people, once you get them comfortable, they tend to. forget things. Sometimes you might remind them that, Hey, after here, we’re going to have the first dance, but then they go to the bathroom.

They go out to smoke. Even though I make announcements, they might not be there in time to catch it. And I can’t wait for them. I can wait for certain people, parents, certain people of honor, of course, the bride and groom, but others they’ll suffer at that moment.

That’s, that’s always my fear of having it afterward, but I’ve done it before. But in this area, we tend to do the first dance right after the intros, go into the welcome blessing, and then dinner, towards the end of dinner. And that 45-minute mark we’ll do toast. that way we can use some of the time left over of dinner when people are mostly done.

We can use that for toasting. and that works for me really well. At that hour, we’re done with everything. We’re done with that toast and dinner. So now we go into the parent dances. From there, open dancing. And then we dance, dance, dance we do about 45 minutes of dancing, maybe an hour.

Then we have cake. And then at that point, the cake will either be a personal cake that they cut with a sheet cake in the back or maybe a personal cake with cupcakes, or nowadays they might just feed each other little bundtinis. It’s like little pound cakes and they might feed each other that, I’ve seen some different, one did a donut, a donut exchange.

That was cool. For the most part. Once that’s over, then comes, if they’re doing it, bouquet and garter, and then, if they decide to do an anniversary dance, maybe that. After that, it’s just dancing, dancing, or the second half of dancing. This is where dancing picks up. Most of the time, in the first part of dancing, I try to be more old-school-ish just to make sure I give my older folk something.

I want everybody coming in or going out with something. I don’t want to alienate anybody. And there’s a place for everybody in there. So I tend to save all the better stuff for later. Especially if it’s more ratchet, more inappropriate there’s a place for inappropriateness, but the people have to know where it is and I can’t play it from the beginning.

I could, I will warn you, that’s probably not the best place to do it hopefully I can dissuade you, but in the end, you are my client and I’m going to go with the way you want for the most part, I can’t just play explicit music from the get-go the whole time, like, that’s just not going to work, even though you might want it.

I would really stress just to think about it. Not only about the things you want to hear because man, I can play all that stuff later, but your grandma, we can definitely take care of her with some 60s or some 70s. And then maybe your parents, maybe they were down with some 80s music. We can do that.

Explicit Lyrics Songs

And now you just took care of them, their guests. And then later on, after we cut that cake, we could get down and I can definitely be more conscious of all those hits. And usually, when I say like that and propose it like that, I get a good response. I don’t get too much push with people really wanting to hear explicit all the way out.

You don’t have to say this, I’ll say this, if a client was telling me that I’d be saying, maybe I’m not your DJ, if that’s what you want, because this is a reflection on me as much as you, sorry, have a nice day.

The one thing I agree, there are certain things I will do I’m not as anti-explicit.

As long as it’s basically towards the very end, or maybe one explicit song here, but most of my music is censored and it’s censored because I like the song. I don’t like necessarily that blanking out every five seconds, but Hey, I do want to have it so just in case I do have an opportunity to either play a segment of it or, please a client that, Hey, I don’t have the explicit, but I do have the censored one that could be played in public.

I could do that at least for a little bit. There’s always a middle ground where we can do, but like you said before, though, ultimately not every person is my client. Not every person is a good fit for me as well and I’m a good fit for them. So this is the benefit of, for me being. I guess, aka a part-time DJ, clients are interviewing me, but I’m interviewing them too.

I don’t necessarily need the gig. I do this because I love it. I really do. Like I have a full-time job. I make good money, but. I love DJing. I love spreading energy. I’m in love and happiness territory. I mean, everything just, I love this. I love suiting up. I love the pressure. This comes from my competitiveness.

I was very athletic when I was younger. So I love the challenge and the intricacies of what a wedding brings and I know I kind of feel like a doctor if I do my part right. And I do everything I need to do. I can give this couple back something special doctors give a life back.

And for me, I give a memory back that they can remember forever.

Speaking of that energy, are there any unconventional or nonstandard hits that you’re seeing that are bringing the energy to the dance floor that people would be surprised? Yeah, I remember that song. And then you get, you get that hair sticking up because everybody’s going crazy.

Nonstandard Hit

Yeah, actually, believe it or not. Especially lately, and I guess you could think Tik TOK and reels for it, but the gimme, gimme song, the ABBA, gimme, gimme song, you know, like people when they hear that opening, that’s the one that’s been surprising me. Like, wow, like these guys are really getting down to that and hey, whatever they want, you know, they get for me.

I’m, I’m also a DJ that I’ll take requests. If anything. I want requests. I want to know what you’re dancing to. If I see you dancing out there, really having a good time, and you come anywhere near me I will tell you, I want to thank you for being on that floor and creating such great energy.

If there’s anything that you would love to listen to, I’d be honored to play it for you. And usually, that gets them more excited. And man, now they’re, they’re one of my advocates out there. I’m one of my soldiers. Again, I love making people dance. I love seeing people happy, the smiles, even the kids, they’re all suited down looking sharp, but they’re, they’re doing this little, break dancing, you know, butt slide and it’s the cutest thing.

I love weddings.

Wedding Couple Sets The Tone

One thing I just have to say about that as well is I tell every wedding couple that if the wedding couple is on the dance floor, everybody’s going to follow suit. The worst case scenario is when the wedding couple is one’s over here, one’s in the bathroom and nobody knows where they are and nobody’s dancing because nobody knows where they are.

They don’t know what to do. If they’re on that dance floor dancing, everybody else is going to follow suit.

Oh, totally. I agree with that 100%. And that’s something I actually, tell my couples in consultation in the planning meeting. I’m like, okay, so what kind of a wedding do you want?

Cause if you really want a dance party, I’m, I’m just letting you know. If any of you guys are not dancers, that could be a lot harder because for example, and not saying that every wedding is like this, but the guests are here for you. And if you’re out there chilling outside, either smoking or just because, again, you’re not a dancer, you’re just out there away from the dance floor.

The guests are going to be near you. They want that opportunity to, to at least if they can’t talk to you, at least be near you. So if you’re over there, they’re over there. So if you want a dance party, you need to be on the floor. And if you’re not a dancer, then at the very, very least. Anywhere you go, dance through the floor.

I always tell them anywhere they go, just make an appearance, dance to the floor, get to the other side, and boom. I’ve had a couple of grooms that took me to heart on that. And I know they were surprised by the reaction because it’s simple. People are not used to seeing you dance, and if you do dance, they’re gonna flip out.

Especially like dads. Dads are the best. Dads are those guys that you would never think until they’re out there and it’s just like, Whoa! And it’s, and people eat that up. Eat that up.

So that is a golden nugget right there. Golden nugget tip. I love that. Just to close things out before I tell people how to contact you, is there anything else that you want to talk about that we didn’t cover today?

Interactive DJ

I would encourage DJs to definitely be more interactive, and it doesn’t mean interactive meaning, having to go out there and lead line dances and this and that, because that might not be your thing. That’s fine. But there is an energy. When the DJ is out on the dance floor when people turn around, they see, Oh, Hey, you’re out here.

That’s cool. So even if you don’t dance, what I always recommend at the very least, they go out to the dance floor. And check their listening levels, but as they’re going out there, like I tell the grooms just kind of dance your way over there. Listen, make sure you know you can even pretend to listen to make sure everything’s okay, and then dance your way back and you’re out there for 10 seconds.

But that 10 seconds, if people see you out there with a smile dancing your way, they can’t help but just like, Hey, and they get excited about that, especially, I mean, for me, it works because I’m a very personable person. I’m smiling a lot. I want them to see that. Hey, it’s okay to be smiling and silly, because this is the environment be respectful with it, but, you know, definitely let loose.

I’ll even go off of that a little bit to say if it’s not the DJ, a lot of companies will have an MC-DJ combo. And if the DJ is not, then the MC better be doing that just to be more interactive and get everybody involved.

Two-man crews, for sure. It should definitely be that kind of synergy.

Being a one-man show, I don’t have that necessary luxury, but, there’s an energy when DJs get out on the floor, and if you guys can find a way to do it, even just to check your speaker levels and get out there and just smile. You know, I would definitely encourage that, just because, again, we’re the party leaders.

We’re supposed to bring the energy, the smile, and if we’re just being blah. It could be blah if you at least give that effort, whether it’s blah or not, nobody can ever say that you didn’t try.

Regional Hits

There are certain songs that are played here regionally. One Virginia Tech, Metallica, Enter Sandman. That is if you hear that at a wedding in Virginia, it makes sense. Most likely they’re playing from a Virginia Tech fan. what else? The go-go music is DC music. That’s like doing Da Butt by EU or, Let Me Clear My Throat has a go-go beat in it.

Salt-N-Pepa has some songs with some go-go beats in them. Then the one we just talked about the Hokey Pokey. Yeah. The Hokey Pokey is another Virginia Tech thing. So there are two songs for Virginia Tech Enter Sandman and Hokey Pokey.

So yes, I played the Hokey Pokey and sure enough, people came out and you bet that there were some Virginia Tech parents. Or people that came out and enjoyed it, but it was, it just turned into something. And that’s what I love is one of my favorite things. Again, this falls in the wedding experience creating moments for my couples.

The more I know about you, of your likes, especially your likes, the more I can tailor personalized things. I can suggest personalized things to you. You know, I can look for those kinds of things too. To add to, Hey, photographer, a moment I’m about to throw the hokey pokey. We have a lot of Virginia Tech fans in here.

They actually might, something might actually happen. Be ready for stuff like that just creating moments.

Great way to end that segment there. If people love your energy, they love your passion. How can people contact you?

I’m a single op and I don’t have a website, which is one of the things I’m going to change soon but I do have a business page and you can find me at DJ Freddy B on Facebook, or Freddie Borras, Freddie B as in boy, O R R A S and that’s Junior Freddie Boris Junior is my Facebook profile. We can start communicating that way.

That is fantastic. Thank you very much, Freddie, for being on the show today everybody that’s listening, make sure you stay tuned for next week when I’m going to be interviewing another wedding professional.

Thanks for listening and have a great day. Thanks all. Take care.

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