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Searching wedding songs by musical artists is a great way to locate music selections for your special day. Many of us prefer the song styling of artists like Keith Urban, Ariana Grande, or Luther Vandross. In our list of lists — the ultimate directory of wedding songs by musical artists — you’ll find hits by these legends and many others.

Did you know that some couples have designed their whole wedding playlist around one or two musical artists? Does it seem strange? Maybe until you dig deeper. Perhaps the couple loves Barry White or Lionel Richie. Maybe they just relate more to the lyrics of the love ballads by a particular musical artist. No matter the reason, our lists make it easy to find the music artist’s best songs for weddings.

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The Ultimate Directory of Best Wedding Songs By Musical Artists

Below you will find a list of musicians, music artists, and/or bands that have influenced Americans’ lives. Many of the artists listed are also members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We also include current artists that we believe will eventually be inducted into the prestigious status. We list their top ten songs released and offer interesting facts such as release date, album, band members, and much more.

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Wedding Songs by One Musical Artist

There are several parts of a wedding ceremony that require music. You’ll need music for the seating of family and guests, music for the ceremony, and music for the reception to name a few. There is nothing wrong with having songs from your favorite musical artist played at different times during your wedding.

On the other hand, some couples like to stick with the tradition of the formal ceremony. They will choose to save the music artists’ wedding songs for the reception and dancing. How you use the songs from these musical artists’ wedding songs is up to you.

Gain inspiration from popular British music artists.

Celebrate Your Love of a Music Artist

For many of us, a certain musical artist defines an entire period in our lives. We grow up listening to certain styles of music and develop an affection for our personal favorites. It is only natural that when the time comes to get married that we want to include that artist’s songs in our wedding.

Weddings are a happy occasion. It is also true that love songs from our favorite bands and musicians make us happy. Combining the two is a perfect way to make your wedding day memorable — for you and your guests. You’ll look back fondly each time you hear your wedding songs played on the radio at a restaurant. (As you get older, you hear these songs in the grocery store.)

Why Focus On One Artist For Your Wedding Playlist?

Why should you focus on one artist when building your wedding playlist? It’s simple really; music cements memories. That one artist will always be forever linked with events and eras in our lives. Remember that road trip where you listened to Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits? You can’t listen to “Sound of Silence” without remembering that drive through the grapevine.

If you think back to when y’all were dating, we know there are artists that are the foundation of your romance. Maybe you were at a Keith Urban concert the first time you said, “I love you.” You must include at least one of those songs, right?

While searching for those keystone songs, you and your fiancé can use these lists to search by a musical artist. There is something for everyone on these lists, from soft rock and pop to upbeat dance music and soul. (And clearly, we need to add a list for Simon & Garfunkel now.)

Let your creativity run wild as you use these songs to plan the wedding of your dreams. You’ll join many other couples that have drawn upon their personal preferences to make their wedding memorable.

Celebrate The Artist and Celebrate You

My Wedding Songs celebrate the greatest musicians of all time from all music genres and from every era. We do this so these songs are passed on to future generations and do not die in the past. Many of the artists were pioneers in their particular music style (Beatles). Who should ever forget the style of the Rat Pack or the dominance of Eminem in the Nineties? Music holds no boundaries and should be shared with everyone.

We are adding new posts all the time so if you don’t see your favorite musicians yet, be sure to check back!

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