Calum Scott Love Songs To Know For Your Big Day

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Calum Scott is a British singer and songwriter. He came to fame while a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent in 2015.

While he did not win (placed sixth), he did release a cover of Robyn’s song “Dancing On My Own”. The song was Britain’s best-selling single of the summer of 2016.

Calum Scott Wedding Songs

Scott’s first big song release was “You Are The Reason” in 2017. The song became a huge wedding hit and was later included in his first album released titled Only Human. “You Are The Reason” was later released as a duet with Leona Lewis making it a double wedding song win!

“No Matter What” was released in 2018. The song talks about a relationship between a parent and child and the child’s sexual identity. It could tell the story of a mother and son relationship and be chosen as a Mother Son song.

In 2022, Scott released his second studio album titled Bridges. The first song was released on the album “Biblical”. It makes for a romantic first-dance wedding song.

Another song from the album we would consider the best wedding song in his discography is called “Heaven”. “Heaven” is available as an original pop song, an acoustic version, and also an instrumental.

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Calum Scott Love Songs List

You Are The Reason

Released in 2018 on the album Only Human

song on Amazon

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I’d climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you

“You Are The Reason” was released first as a single with Scott but also as a duet with Leona Lewis. Both versions are very popular wedding songs. They are commonly used as first dance songs.

Be sure to read the lyrics as the song talks about bringing someone back to them and may not be telling your love story.

No Matter What

Released in 2018 on the album Only Human

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

song on Amazon

No matter where they lead
No matter how they judge us
I’ll be everyone you need

“No Matter What” talks about the relationship between a parent and a child. A song you could play as a Mother Son song for a special dance during the reception.

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Released in 2022 on the album Bridges

song on Amazon

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

So won’t you give me tonight
And the rest of your life?
I wanna have it all with you

“Biblical” has a pop version, an acoustic version, and as an instrumental. The instrumental version could be played during the wedding ceremony such as a processional song, unity song, or recessional song. (See our list of instrumental wedding songs)

Where Are You Now

(with Lost Frequencies)
Released in 2021 as a single
song on Amazon

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Too long to go, my loveWhere did we go wrong?Too late to turn around

“Where Are You Now” is not your typical love story song. However, this is an EDM song you can play during your dance set or add to your cocktail playlist.

Love Is Just a Word

(with Jasmine Thompson)
Released in 2021 as a single
song on Amazon

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Hallelujah’s an old song, by an old man in a suitAnd I guess love is just a wordWithout you

A beautiful duet love song you can play throughout your wedding day including the ceremony and reception or special dedication.


Released in 2022 on the album Bridges

song on Amazon

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

If everyone had a love like usThey wouldn’t call that place above, Heaven

Be sure to listen to all of the different versions of this song. It was released as a pop version with just Scott’s voice, as an acoustic cover, and also as duets including with Lyodra.  All versions make for great wedding songs. Out of all of the songs listed, this one makes the most sense as a selected wedding song.

Woke Up in Love

(with Kygo and Gryffin)
Released in 2022 on the album Alive
song on Amazon

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

You went and saved my lifeYou picked me upThank God I woke up in love with you

Another EDM song but this one fits the being in love theme for a wedding day. Take a listen and decide when to play it on your day. Could be when you wake up!

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Run With Me

Released in 2022 on the album Bridges

song on Amazon

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Jump with me, jump with me, jump
The world ain’t got nothing on us
So, run with me, run with me

If you are looking for a mid-tempo song to exit the ceremony, then this would be a great selection.

Calum Scott Highest Charting Singles – UK

  • #2 “Dancing on My Own”, 2016
  • #3 “Where Are You Now” (with Lost Frequencies), 2021
  • #43 “You Are the Reason” (solo and duet version with Leona Lewis), 2017

Have a favorite Calum Scott song to play at weddings? Please share your song below in the comments.

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