21 Best Harry Styles Love Songs & Party Hits For Your Wedding

Harry Styles has a vast discography that follows from his career with One Direction (See list of One Direction wedding hits). Since then, he followed the band’s indefinite hiatus in 2016 with his 2017 self-titled solo album. Following his solo success, he’s released the 2019 album Fine Line and 2022’s Harry’s House.

His record-breaking hits have scored highly on Billboard charts. He’s even been featured in Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” and earned Grammys and Brits for his musical prowess. Knowing how Harry Styles writes his music, it’s no surprise that his hits have been popular on the radio and streaming platforms.

But what are the best songs to play for a wedding couple on their wedding day? So many hits symbolize the relationship between a pair of lovers, but some catchy tunes will certainly fill up the dance floor. To help you figure out the best ones to play, we’ll tell you more about each song and how they’ll work in your wedding playlist.

Harry Styles Wedding Songs
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Adore You

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Adore You is from Harry Styles’s 2019 album, Fine Line. In a throwback to the ‘80s, this track is a perfect way to show just what you would do for your partner.

This isn’t a song about telling your partner how much you love them, but about what you would do for each other. If you speak through actions rather than words, then Adore You is the perfect track for you to show the world how you express your feelings to your partner.

Including this song can be a perfect addition to your wedding playlist, knowing that it’s the perfect way to show your family and friends how you express yourself in your relationship.

As It Was

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You’ve no doubt heard As It Was on the Harry’s House soundtrack. The song itself is a wistful track, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great song to dance to. While it is linked to nostalgia, it could express how your relationship was before you solidified your relationship.

As It Was is all about letting go of the past and moving on to the future. So if you’re aiming to show how you can move on from single life to married life, then isn’t this a great song to dance to?

If you want to share how you’re moving onto the next stage of your life, then consider including As It Was in your playlist.

Canyon Moon

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Canyon Moon is from the Fine Line album, with the lyrics focusing on nostalgic times when lovers spent time together under the canyon moon. The couple is still together, implied to be married with kids, with the perspective of Harry as he thinks back to when they were young.

It’s not necessarily a love song, but there’s no doubt that it’s about two people who spent their youth traveling together. Canyon Moon is the perfect song to bring more of your guests together on the dance floor and has romantic elements that make it enjoyable for everyone listening to it.


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Carolina is from Harry’s self-titled 2017 album and is a catchy blues track to include in your playlist. If your partner is an introvert, you may find that they’ll relate to Carolina.

If you need to share your relationship with the world, then this song is perfect for showcasing your feelings. It’s also about your relationship with your partner, with parts of you that only you could share.

Carolina will offer you a chance to express your feelings while enjoying an easy-to-dance-to-track if you want a great song for the reception.


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Cinema is from Harry Styles’s 2022 album, Harry’s House. When you first got together with your partner, did you think they were really cool? It’s a question that plagues most new couples, and you might be thinking about your first dates.

You could have had your first dates watching films. Back in the UK, it’s the most common way to refer to a movie theater. Not only could you relate this song to your early days, but it gives off a sensual feeling that shows how you’re into each other now as you get married.


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Daydreaming is another song from the 2022 album Harry’s House. You may find that you’ll connect to this song if you’ve ever endured a long-distance relationship with your partner.

There’s a sense of longing in long-distance relationships that can’t be understood by anyone who sees their partner every day. It’s a challenge in itself; sometimes, you’ll find yourself lost in daydreams as you think of what you’ll do when you see each other next.

If you got together through a long-distance relationship, then you may see Daydreaming as a wedding song that would work for your big day.

Girl Crush

Written as a Spotify single, Girl Crush is all about being infatuated with your lover. It could make for a beautiful wedding song, with a slow pace that allows for a perfect tempo for your first dance.

With an acoustic melody that shows how infatuation can affect you, you’ll find that this song could fit any couples who can’t get their partners out of their heads. Should you want a song that you can easily slow dance to, you’ll find a perfect song here.


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Golden is from Harry’s 2019 album, Fine Line. You may find that this is more of a bittersweet love song, but Golden is a song that focuses on the early days of your relationship.

There’s always a fear of getting close at the beginning of your relationship, and you may find yourself growing wary of opening up. If you find this was a strong part of your early relationship, isn’t this the perfect way to showcase how you let your partner in?

It’s a way to show how you can go beyond your fears and face them with the help of the right person.

Keep Driving

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Keep Driving is another hit from the 2022 album Harry’s House. Unlike some of the other songs on this list, Keep Driving isn’t strictly a love song. However, it is about how you can move onto a new journey.

You’ll find that Keep Driving follows the mantra of keep going and is about whether you should keep going even in tough times. After all, weddings may be about happy days, but a wedding isn’t the end.

It’s the beginning of another adventure, and in a way, doesn’t Keep Driving suggest that you get through the tough times together?


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As part of Harry’s debut album, Kiwi isn’t necessarily a love song. However, it’s a fun song to bring onto the dance floor.

The song itself is about a femme fatale, so you may feel it’s a way to describe your partner, but it’s all about a fictional scenario. As one of Harry’s rock songs, this 2017 hit is a great tune to bring onto the dance floor.

It gets the blood pumping and is perfect for anyone who wants to take their wedding party to the next level. So, if that’s what you’re here for, why not add this to your wedding playlist?

Late Night Talking

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Harry wrote a number of songs about relationships in Harry’s House, with Late Night Talking being one of them. If you’ve been in a long-distance relationship with your partner, you’ll know that time differences can be a major issue.

You might stay up late talking on a video call, and that’s exactly what this song is about. There may be issues that get in the way that stop you from seeing your partner, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to make them happy.

For any wedding couples who have faced this experience, you may find that including this in your set list can be a great nod to how your relationship has progressed since then.

Lights Up

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As part of Harry’s 2019 Fine Line album, Lights Up is a song about being true to yourself. While it is a bittersweet song, as part of your wedding playlist, you may show your partner who you can be with them.

It’s a perfect way to show your partner who the real you are and how you can step into the light. While this is a solemn song, it could make for an interesting slow dance in the evening and could be good when it gets later into the night.

Love Of My Life

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As the finale to Harry’s House, Love Of My Life is not strictly about a person. While officially it’s about Harry Styles’s hometown, that doesn’t mean you can’t relate it to a person.

After all, you could say that a song is written for one person, and so you can easily change the meaning to fit you. If you’ve had challenges in your relationship to get to where you are today, then Love Of My Life could be the perfect love song for your first dance.

It’s all about accepting that this is the relationship for you.


Medicine is a popular track that Harry’s sung live numerous times. It’s a fan favorite, and you’ll no doubt understand why. As a love song, it’s a way you can show the world how euphoric your relationship can be.

Medicine treats love like it’s a drug that transcends sex and gender. You’ll no doubt relate to this song, especially as a wedding song. While you might not think it works as one to walk down the aisle, too, it could be a perfect song for your reception.

It’ll show everyone you know how you feel about each other and how you’re completely drunk on love.

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

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Music For A Sushi Restaurant is another track from Harry’s House that came from hearing his own track in a sushi restaurant. Using a variety of food-based metaphors, it’s a love song that is relatable to everyone.

This funky and jazzy tune could be a great addition to your wedding playlist, with a catchy beat that works for everyone.

Through the food metaphors, you’ll find gestures of love thrown in, and if you want a throwback to the dates you’ve been on, it’s a great way to look back at the early days of your relationship.

Only Angel

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Only Angel is from Harry Styles’s self-titled album, and it’s a combination of a traditional orchestral piece and rock music.

If you’re looking for a song with some great riffs for your walk down the aisle, then Only Angel is a perfect way to show how you feel about your partner. The meaning of the song itself is up for dispute, but it could be a way for your partner to come down the aisle to you, with them being “your angel” instead.


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Another song from Harry’s House, Satellite, is not strictly a love song. Instead, it’s about wanting to get close to the person you love. Before your relationship started, did your feelings revolve solely around your partner?

If that’s the case, you may find that Satellite is for anyone with a slow start. Adding this to your playlist could give your family and friends an insight into how your relationship began and contribute to your own personal story.

After all, playing this on your wedding playlist could be a highlight and an ending to that chapter of your life. If not played on your wedding day, you could benefit from using this song when popping the question.


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Harry’s Fine Line album, She is about the ideal girl. Do you have a dream of having the life promised to you in the shows of your childhood? If your goal is to have a family, this can be a great song for you to show everyone how you want the relationship to go.

It’s not about just getting together but dreaming of the life you could have. You may have thought about this for years, but it’s a way of showing your partner that they’re the one you’re dreaming of.

Sure, you may have to swap the pronouns around depending on the gender, but the meaning stays the same.

Sunflower Vol. 6

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Sunflower Vol. 6 is from Harry’s 2019 Fine Line album. It’s a love song about the early stages of your relationship, where you’re tongue-tied by the sight of your partner.

If you want a song to show how you put your relationship on a pedestal before you got to know each other, then have a grounded relationship. It’s a beautiful song, and it’s perfect for any couple who still feels as nervous about their partner as they were when they first met.

So why not consider bringing this onto the dance floor for a wedding dance, as the ending is prime for bringing more guests to the dance floor?

Sweet Creature

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As part of his debut album, Sweet Creature is about a young couple who always argue, but they know they’re right for each other. Some couples argue a lot, and there’s a reason the saying opposites attract exists.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re at each other’s throats, then you may find Sweet Creature relates to you. After all, it’s how you feel at home with your partner in spite of all the issues and a perfect way to show that you can thrive above the challenges.

So, if you’re looking for a way to show how you feel, even if you argue, then this is a great song to do so.

Watermelon Sugar

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Watermelon Sugar from Harry’s Fine Line album has always had some debate about its meaning. While it’s certainly about the female orgasm, the actual song can be left up to interpretation.

After all, you could listen to Watermelon Sugar and apply it to your own relationship. The focus is on the taste of your partner and breathing them in.

It’s a sensual and fun song for any wedding couple to throw on the dance floor, and with its chart-topping success, a great example of a song that will get everybody moving.

Harry Styles Highest-Charting Singles – U.K.

(as a solo artist)

  • #1 “Sign of the Times”, 2017
  • #1 “As It Was”, 2022
  • #2 “Late Night Talking”, 2022
  • #3 “Lights Up”, 2019
  • #3 “Music for a Sushi Restaurant”, 2022
  • #4 “Watermelon Sugar”, 2020
  • #7 “Adore You”, 2019
  • #15 “Falling”, 2020
  • #26 “Golden”, 2020

There are so many Harry Styles songs that you can incorporate into your wedding day. While some songs do have an explicit meaning behind them, others can be changed to fit your own story. Most of these songs have been made as ballads that are written for personal reasons.

Harry Styles has admitted that he writes his songs with a specific person in mind. However, love is a universal emotion. Regardless of who you’re directing this song at, there’s no reason anyone else couldn’t take inspiration from these tracks.

If you think that any of these songs could impact any wedding couple-to-be, why don’t you direct them to these songs? They may be struggling with inspiration, or maybe you, yourself, are trying to find the right songs for your big day. Just listen to some of these, and you may be surprised to find a song that describes your relationship.

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