Top 7 Leon Bridges Love Songs Perfect For Your Wedding

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Have you ever heard the music of Leon Bridges before today? If not, I dare say if Nat King Cole was alive today and his music style transformed into modern music, that is how I would describe Leon Bridges’ music. His soulful voice is not easily forgotten.

Here is a list of our favorite Leon Bridges romantic songs.

leon bridges romantic songs

Leon Bridges released his first album in 2015, Coming Home, his second released in 2018, Good Thing, and his third in 2021 titled Gold-Diggers Sound. That’s right! Only 3 albums!

He has such a bright future and we look forward to adding many more songs to this list in the coming years.

Leon Bridges Wedding Hits

Released in 2018 on the album Good Thing

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Will she have my kids? Will she be my wife?
She might just be my everything and beyond

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Coming Home
Released in 2015 on the album Coming Home

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I’m coming home
To your tender loving
You’re my one and only woman

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Released in 2015 on the album Coming Home
Featured on HBO’s TV Show Big Little Lies

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Oh, I wanna come near and give ya
Every part of me

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Here In My Arms
Released in 2015 on the album Coming Home

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Well, baby please
Come where it’s warm
In my arms

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This Love
This song is not available for sale and only through Vimeo… so far.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Be my sunshine woman, honey
Girl, let me seal this love
Oh baby, let me seal this love

Leon Bridges Highest-Charting Tracks

(Adult Alternative Songs Chart)

  • #1 Smooth Sailin’, 2015
  • #1 Bad Bad News, 2018
  • #2 Beyond 2018
  • #7 Coming Home 2015
  • #7 If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be) 2018
  • #16 Better Man 2016
  • #17 Texas Sun 2019
  • #39 Sweeter 2020

Well, there’s our favorite list of Leon Bridges songs. If there is a new song released that fits perfectly into our list, please comment it below so we can add it. We read and respond to all comments.

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