Kula Bar David Releases Father-Daughter Single Must Be

Song Title: Must Be

Artist: Kula Bar David

Released: August 27, 2023

Lyrics Quote: “We were dancing ’round and ’round… Little Angel, I saw a woman and she had your face / She said Daddy you can leave me now I will be okay”

Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Wedding Moment to Play: Father and daughter dance

What you should know from the artist:

“Must Be” is a story told by a father to his little girl before she goes to sleep. He tells her of a dream. (“Must be…a dream”)

Kula Bar David is a Toronto-based Indie band founded in 2022 and is formed by Andy Kula (Guitar, Piano, Vocals), Eyal Bar-David (Saxophone, Piano, Keyboard, Vocals), Dan Kula (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Producer), Zach Kula (Percussion, Vocals)

The song was recorded at Iguana Studios in Toronto, Canada.

Sample the song:

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