Transparent-C Releases New Single Take My Hand

Transparent-C Take My hand

Song Title: Take My Hand

Artist: Transparent-C

Released: April 2023

Lyrics Quote: “I can’t wait to hold your hand and look into your eyes / And take that vow with you by saying I do under a blue sky / A promise to make to you / To have you and hold you and uplift you / And walk with you beside you / It’s what I was put here to do”

Genre: R&B

Wedding Moment to Play: First dance and ceremony music

What you should know from the artist:

Transparent-C is a songwriter, composer, producer, & artist who used to go by the name Big C of Big C Muzik Productions. A reinvention of himself to put his life on display in a pure form. To be transparent to the listeners through his journey using music to whoever takes a listen.

The song “Take My Hand” is something very beautiful to me as it puts my heart on display in hopes to share on such a beautiful day.

Sample the song:

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