Rebecca Rea Releases New Song Love Can Be

Song Title: Love Can Be

Artist: Rebecca Rea

Released: May 2023

Lyrics Quote: “Cause I found so much more than Prince Charming / Found a man who is honest and kind / One who gives of himself before others / I’m so blessed to call you mine / And it’s so much more than a fairytale / Far beyond anything I could dream / How beautiful love can be”

Genre: Christian, Singer-Songwriter, Pop

Wedding Moment to Play: First dance as a married couple, walking down the aisle

What you should know from the artist:

Rebecca Rea is an aspiring musician and songwriter who wrote ‘Love Can Be’ as a surprise for her husband as their first dance song on their wedding day. It carries a deeply personal touch, inspired by the captivating melodies of Disney-style music. Its heartfelt lyrics, reminiscent of childhood fairytales, soon reveal that true love transcends fantasy, evoking a profound connection.

The Extended version reflects upon Christian themes such as the provision of the Lord in the lives of the bride and groom and how He led them to meet each other in His perfect timing, and the bridge directly parallels the Bible’s definition of love in 1 Corinthians 13. The gradual progression of the arrangement, starting intimately with piano and vocals and then expanding to include violin, viola, and cello, culminates in an enchanting instrumental that captivates listeners.

The song has received wide acclaim from industry professionals and overwhelmingly positive response on TikTok, where multiple videos of the song amassed hundreds of thousands of views, further affirming the resonance and appeal of “Love Can Be.”

Sample the song:

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