Paul Hankinson Covers Releases Until I Found You (Wedding Piano Version)

Song Title: Until I Found You (Wedding Piano Version)

Artist: Paul Hankinson Covers

Released: February 2023

Lyrics Quote: This is an instrumental cover of Stephen Sanchez’s song that has the lyrics “I was lost within the darkness but then I found her, I found you”.

Genre: Classical Pop

Wedding Moment to Play: Your wedding ceremony including the processional walk down the aisle.

What you should know from the artist:

As a pianist and arranger I have been creating “Wedding Versions” of popular songs on YouTube (107K subscribers) and Spotify (115,000 monthly listeners) for the past 5 years – A “Wedding Version” is essentially a piano cover of the song – but often introduced by or interfused with a timeless classical piece such as Pachelbel’s Canon in D or Bach’s ‘Air’.

My wedding version of Stephen Sanchez’s enchanting song “Until I Found You” features Pachelbel’s Canon as an intro before the song is played on piano in a more gentle and lilting style than the original. It’s a very popular song at the moment and I feel will be one of the wedding hits of the year.

It is my best performing video on YouTube out of recent releases garnering 15,000 views since February 1. I think this could be a good fit for your “Bride Entrance Songs” playlist. Thank you for taking the time to listen and thank you for already sharing some of my other work! It makes a huge difference.

Sample the song:

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