Toni Becker Released Dance With Me, Baby (Mother Son Song)

Song Title: Dance With Me, Baby

Artist: Toni Becker

Released: October 2022

Lyrics Quote: “Looking at you takes my breath away / from the moment your life began / to this strong and handsome man / On your wedding day”

Genres: Singer-Songwriter, Pop

Wedding Moment to Play: Mother and Son (Groom) Dance

What you should know: The song is a love sentiment from a mother to her son. “Dance With Me, Baby” expresses all the love and emotion that a mom feels for her son as they dance for all that was and all that’s yet to be.

Not every commercially produced song has the tone and message you may want for your wedding. However, this song is a very personal and unique mother-and-son song you may wish to capture your special dance.

Sample the Song:

You can download “Dance With Me, Baby” directly from the artist (Toni Becker).

Disclosure: We may earn a referral commission from song purchases. However, our intent is to promote the song to moms and sons seeking a special song for their wedding dance.

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