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Episode 65

Matt talks about popular first dance songs played during wedding receptions.  Hear some song lyrics that go with the first dance songs too!

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Welcome to the 65th episode of the Wedding Songs Podcast. I am Matt Campbell, and today I’m going to be talking about 125 great First Dance songs you can play at your reception or for your first dance as a married couple. Definitely, one of the primary focal points of a reception. If you prefer to read the list or listen to the list you can do so on our website, MyWeddingSongs.com, just go to our homepage and there’s a link right from the homepage. If you have any questions about any of the songs on the list, you can reach out to us. Now on this list, I’m going to break it down by genre, and I’m going to start off with Pop first dance songs.

So, let’s go ahead and get started with the first one being “Amazing” by Teddy swims released in 2022. I love this song with the raspy voice of Teddy Swims, and lyrics…You make me wanna pick a handful of wildflowers. They remind me of you. Natural beauty don’t come from you spending hours. God just gave it to you. Next up,” Lifetime” by Justin Bieber released in 2021. This is another great love song, recently released, because of lyrics…Some people come in your life for a reason. Others they come in your life for a season. But baby, you are a lifetime. Calum Scott has many other wedding songs and his new song “Biblical”, released in 2021. And with lyrics like..and when you open your eyes, I’ll be there by your side. I wanna have it all with you.

“Butterflies” by MAX and Ali Gatie released in 2021. You could really have this as a processional song, but I also like it as a first dance song. You won’t stop running through my mind for the rest of both of our lives. You give me butterflies. He actually dedicated this song, Max did, to his wife after his first year of being married. So it has a great love story to it. Next up is Ben Platt with “Imagine”, but it’s the acoustic version, released in 2021 with lyrics…I can’t imagine my life without you. I can’t imagine one night without you. If something happened. Don’t know what I do. Next up is Drew Green with “The Rest Of Our Lives” with…whatever it is, I’ll be right. As long as you love me and I love you. Girl here’s to the rest of our lives.

Next up is an Indie Song by Ron Pope called “Our Song”. It’s the acoustic version, which could be an Indie or a Pop version, with lyrics…so you won’t take my hand, take my heart, promise to never stop dancing once we start, ‘cause this is our song. Amy Shark joins up with Keith Urban with her song “Love Songs Ain’t For Us”, released in 2021. By the song title, you probably don’t think this is a great first dance song, but the lyrics are…perfect nights it’s open doors. It’s feeling safe, it’s being sure. It’s a deep cut, crazy rush, to feel like this. Next up, also released in 2021, is Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler and their song “This Is How You Fall In Love” with lyrics…wherever you go. What glitters is gold. You’ll be my best friend until we grow old. Now I have to say before I go any further, I really like to focus on the newer songs.
Everybody already knows all of the most popular ones. That’s why I try to focus on a lot of the newer songs and to continue that streak is Echosmith featuring Matt Kearney and their song “Tell Her You Love Her” released in 2021. Tell her she’s lovely. Always tell her the truth. When she says she loves you, tell her you love her too. Niall Horan has a great song as a former member of One Direction, but this is the “Black And White (stripped version)”. Basically, an acoustic version, released in 2020, with…swear in front of all of our friends. There’ll never be another. I promise that I’ll love you for the rest of my life. Ronan Keating has his song “Forever. Ain’t Enough” from 2020, with…I see a future in your eyes. The second I saw it, I knew. Forever ain’t enough with you.

Singer-songwriter Forest Black and his song “If You Love Her” released in 2020, with lyrics…stand side by side and you’ll make it. She’s the best thing that you’ll ever have. She’ll love you if you love her like that. And you also have to look out for the acoustic version of this song as well that was recently released. A personal favorite artist of mine, Andy Grammer, and his song “I Am Yours” came out in 2019. It was a very popular first dance song, with lyrics…you take my breath away every night, still can’t believe it. When you say you’re mine and I am yours. The first song by Ed Sheeran, that we have on our list, released in 2019, with YEBBA called “Best Part Of Me”. Renee Dominique and Jason Mraz released “Could I Love You Anymore” in 2019. And a song that’s very similar to Thinking Out Loud is “Incredible” by James TW released in 2019 with…in your embrace, this crowded room doesn’t matter. But dancing like it’s our own stage, my love, I just wanna say you look incredible tonight.

Another popular love song for weddings, “Falling Like The Stars” by James Arthur in 2019, with popular lyrics…And I need you to know that we’re falling so fast. We’re falling like the stars, falling in love. Next up is Taylor Swift with “Lover”, but I like the first dance remix version for a first dance. “You” by A Great Big World, released in 2018, with lyrics…I spent my whole life running. Then one day, all of a sudden there was you. An Indie artist that’s a great pop song, Ryann Darling featuring Cory Ard. with “For A Lifetime” in 2018. If you haven’t checked out this video, it features a great wedding setting. Calum Scott is again on our list, with a duet with Leona Lewis and the song “You Are The Reason” released in 2018. “Moon River” by Frank Ocean was also released in 2018.

And the very popular “Love Someone” by Lukas Graham released in 2018 with lyrics…I thought it’d be hard to find, the one till I found you. And I found it bittersweet, ‘cause you gave me something to lose. James Arthur again with his popular first dance song “Say You Won’t Let Go” in 2016. Haley Reinhardt is on the list with the cover of “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. Originally done by Elvis Presley in the 1960s. And this was released in 2015. This has many covers to it, and this is just a great version by Haley that’s been widely popular. Of course, it’s been covered a lot and played at weddings because of the lyrics…Take my hand, take my whole life too. Oh, four I can’t help, falling in love with you. Released in 2014 is Sarah Bareilles song “I Choose You” with lyrics…I will become yours and you’ll become mine. I choose you.

“How Long Will I Love You” by Ellie Goulding released in 2013, and Ben Rector’s song “Forever Like That” released in 2013 with lyrics…I wanna spend all my days with you, carry your burden and be the wind at your back. Well, I wanna spend my forever. Everybody knows the next song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri released in 2011, and Jason Mrazs’ “I’m Yours” released in 2008. So there you have the list of pop songs that I selected for your first dance. Next up let’s talk about Country first dance songs with the first one being “I Choose You” by Amanda Jordan released in 2022. This was actually featured on the Bachelor and is a great first dance song that you could choose with lyrics…from now on, this moment is more than enough until my days are through. I choose you.

Released in 2021 is Johnny Reed with a song “Dance With Me”…Don’t just say a word, just dance with me. Let the world outside disappear. Kind of has a romantic moment to it. Hunter Hayes released a new album in 2021 with the song “What If I Do”. I love this song as a first dance song with lyrics…What if all I wanted to be is the one you’re running to. I love you in so many ways I’m told I’m not supposed to, but what if I do. Next up is “Made” by Spencer Crandall with lyrics…work added even when we get tired, making ups out of downs, doing all it takes ‘cause soulmates aren’t found, they’re made. Next up is one of my favorite songs of 2021 that didn’t get a lot of exposure, by Dan + Shay called “You”. Hopefully, it does make a comeback as Country songs usually do take a couple of years to get popular. With the great lyrics…I got you for the rest of my life, and if all else goes wrong, baby, I’ll be right ‘cause I got you.

Next up, released in 2021, is “On God” by Sammy Arriaga with lyrics…on God, on my mama. If I got a fight for you, I’m gonna, yeah, you know, I’d leave this world for I’d leave you, girl. A great first dance moment is Matt Cooper’s “This Room” released in 2021…girl take my hand. We’ll paint this thing with memories. Of course, one of the most popular country songs of 2021 is going to be on the list with “Forever After All” by Luke Combs. And “Another”, but this is the wedding version, by Adam Doleac released in 2021 with the lyrics…Yeah, from the second that we fall into each other, knew I was never gonna ever wanna, never ever gonna want another. Try to say that really fast. And he sings it much better than I just said it. Next up is “Crazy About You” by Kelsey Hart released in 2021.

And “My Person”, but it’s the wedding version, by Spencer Crandall released in 2021. Kind of very similar to another that I just mentioned, with the great lyrics…My reason for speeding home from work, my saving grace, my everything. I’ve never been more sure that you are my person. Another great romantic first dance song is Drew Baldridge with “That’s You” Lyrics include…My sweetest sin. My do me in. My heaven-sent Hail Mary prayer. Yeah, my one I’d rather be down deep six feet than have to lose, that’s you. “Always Gonna Love You”, this is the first dance version, by Alana Springsteen released in 2020, with lyrics…I’ll always be in love with who you are, right here, right now with me tonight. The widely popular Country artist Morgan Wallen with his song “Cover Me Up” in 2022. So, cover me up and know you’re enough, to use me for good.

This next song was re-released in 2020 by the Texan Country artist Wade Bowen, and his song “Who I Am”. It’s been a very popular first dance song with lyrics…I love that I’m your man. Now that you’re in my life, baby. I know. Exactly who I am. Another one of my favorite new country artists is Johnny Houlihan with his song “So In Love With You” with lyrics…make me a happy man, by wearing my ring on your hand. And, Anthony Nix with his song “Because Of You” in 2020,… because of you, I have finally found a place where I can hang my hat. No need to keep looking around. Besides Millionaire and Tennessee Whiskey, released in 2020 is “Joy Of My Life” by Chris Stapleton with lyrics…She takes me by the hand, I am the luckiest man alive. Did I tell you, baby, you are the joy of my life. Another popular first dance song released in 2019 is, by the married couple Blake Shelton with Gwen Stefani, “Nobody But You” Also released in 2019 is “One Man Band” by Old Dominion, and the next song “Big Big Plans” by Chris Lane talks about a love story released in 2019,…asked her mama for permission and her daddy for her hand, I got some big, big plans.

Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber teamed up in 2019 for “10,000 Hours”. And Jason Aldean has “Got What I Got” in 2019 with lyrics…I said, you know, and I know, you’re perfect for me, everything I ever need. Another very popular first dance song is Matt Stells’ “Prayed For You” in 2019. Can’t go wrong with this song with lyrics…It’s hard to imagine, bigger than I could fathom. I didn’t know you from Adam, but I prayed for you. Kane Brown could have a couple of songs on this list, but next up, released in 2019, is his song “Good As You”. With lyrics…So when it comes to loving you, baby, no, it will never get old. Donovan Woods released Clean Slate in 2019 with a little bit of, of a twist to a love story with lyrics… I wanna give you my heart unburdened by all of the uncertainty we face. I wanna love you with a clean slate.

Jasmine Rae released “When I Found You” in 2018 with lyrics…we’ll dance for the first time as husband and wife, and my heart will keep dancing for the rest of my life. Jimmy Allen released “Best Shot” in 2018 with the lyrics…but I’ll love you with everything I’ve got girl, I’ll give you my best shot. Former American Idol contestant Scotty McCreery with his song “This Is It” released in 2018. You can’t go wrong with this song with lyrics…Take my hand, just take it in. This is a moment we won’t forget. On the top of the world here together. One of the greatest first dance songs in recent history, Dan + Shay’s “Speechless” released in 2018, and Kasey Musgraves with her song “Butterflies” and Luke Combs returns again with “Beautiful Crazy”.

And so does Kane Brown with “Heaven” released in 2017. ‘Cause I don’t know how, I don’t know how Heaven, Heaven could be better than this. You know, it’s not on the list, but he calls Heaven part two, the song Worship You. So make sure you check out that song, even though it’s not on our list. Released in 2017 is Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know”, which I’m sure you are very well aware of. And Blaine Howard’s “Promise To Love Her” in 2017 with lyrics…I promise to love her with all that I have. I’ll put nothing above her and I won’t turn my back. Like I said, “Millionaire” by Chris Stapleton released in 2017. I’ll just remind you of this song real quick…down deep as a diamond mind. She’s my treasure so very rare. She’s made me a millionaire. “Yours” by Russell Dickerson in 2016 and “Die A Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett in 2015.

I’m going to round out all the Country songs. Released in 2004 is Rascal Flatt’s “Bless The Broken Road”, first released by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. This much I know is true that God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you. All right, next up are our Indie songs with the first song by Clinton Kane “I Guess I’m In Love” released in 2021, with the lyrics…You’re everything that I want, but I didn’t think I’d find. Someone who is worth the wait of all of the years of my heartbreak, but I know now I found the one I love. One of my favorite new wedding songs is by Drew Angus “Made To Love You” released in 2021…hearts were made to beat, hands were made to hold, now with you in front of me. This next song really sets the mood for a first dance called “Crowded Room” by Connor Maynard released in 2021. I don’t deserve this night with you, but I’d love to spend my life with you.

Phil Socci is up next with his song “For The Rest Of My Life” also in 2021, with lyrics…through the ups and downs, and for the rest of my life. I choose you. If you haven’t heard this next song, you definitely have to check it out. It’s called “Amen” by John Adams released in 2021. O, darling. I’ve stopped praying for someone since you came along. So amen. “Beginning Middle End” by Leah Nobel in 2021. Will you be my beginning, my middle, my end? Will you be mine? I just like the message in that, and it has unique lyrics that you don’t hear in every song. If you’re into Indie music, then Aly & AJ released “Slow Dancing” in 2020. Hell’s bending keeping me captive. Heaven’s here it’s right where you’re standing, slow dancing. One of the most romantic songs you will ever hear is “Evermore” by Hollow Coves released in 2020, with lyrics…that day I came to find that you are all I was hoping for, it’s you I’ll call my evermore.

Tom Walker and his song “Just You And I”, but this is the acoustic version, released in 2019 with lyrics…cause you’re the only one who brings light, just like the sun, one step at a time, just you and I. Be sure to check out Samantha Durnan’s song “I Found You” and Kodaline’s “The One” released in 2015. You make my whole world feel so right when it’s wrong. That’s how I know you are the one. And finally, released in 2012, is SafetySuit’s song “Never Stop (the wedding version)” with lyrics…And with this love song to you, it’s not a momentary phase. You are my life. I don’t deserve you.

All right let’s get started then with the Folk first dance songs with the first one being “The Best Thing” by Paper Planes released in 2021, and “Home” by Josh Beeman is also in 2021. Also in 2021, is Luca Fogale and his song “You’re The One (the acoustic version)”, with lyrics…So bend the rules or break them all, you and I, the same old cloth. The next song I’ve been promoting since it was first released in 2019. It’s called “I Chose You” by Caleb Edens. Romanticized life in 60 years, singing will grow young together, die in love together. “No Place Like You” by Joy Williams in 2019, with lyrics…there ain’t nothing I can do, ‘cause there’s no place, no place like you. One of my favorite Folk artists is Sheffield and his song “Forever From Now”. With lyrics…I will love you forever from now, and I will hold you like no one’s around, forever from now. Pretty romantic song. Released in 2018 is “Before You” by Fortunate Ones with lyrics…and you can doubt every word I’ve ever said. Most of them are true. Like I can’t remember my life before you.

Next up is the married couple Imaginary Future and Kina Grannis with their song “I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You” released in 2017, you can actually play this, not only for the first dance but also during the wedding ceremony. It’s very romantic and one that you could play, with lyrics…Oh, believe me. I’ve been counting my stars, cause I will spend my whole life loving you. Johnnyswim released “Touching Heaven” in 2016, and the widely popular Ray Lamontagne released “You Are The Best Thing” in 2008. And finally, Michelle Featherstone released “We Are Man And Wife” in 2007 which you could also have as a ceremony song. With the lyrics…There is no doubt that you are the one for me, cause you are the love of my life.

All right let’s go ahead and get started with the R & B first dance songs, with the first one released in 2020, “Love Of My Life” by Sentury. Jay Sean released “Incomplete” in 2021 with lyrics…Never know when it could be different. If there was no you, I’d be, I’d be incomplete. Ebony released “Once Upon a Love” in 2021, and Otis Kane “Without You” the same year, with…I don’t want to spend a day without you. Two mega R & B artists, Kem and Tony Braxton teamed up with “Live Out Your Love” in 2020 with lyrics…I’m in love again. I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I’m in love again, with you. One of my favorite R & B duets, from the recent past, is Ledisi with PJ Morton and “Anything For You (The Duet)” released in 2020…you are my life one means us two. I’ll do anything, anything for you. “17” by Pink Sweat$ in 2020. Now he released a new album recently, so make sure you check that out, called Pink Moon. There are many great love songs on that album as well. With 17, make sure the lyrics fit throughout. Some of the lyrics are a little bit questionable, but the lyrics…I wanna love you as strong when we’re ninety-two, the same as seventeen, has a great message to it.

“Stars In The Sky” by Phora and Jhene Aiko, released in 2020. You know I love you. I see a halo above you. Planets align when I touch you. The next song is another great romantic love song, by Tiana Major9 and EARTHGANG called Collide, in 2019 with…And I love you religiously with everything inside of me. As long as I’m, as long as I’m alive. Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill team up for their song “Perfect” in 2019. That will make the people that love 90s R & B happy as well. “Sent From Heaven” by Rahsaan Patterson, released in 2019 with lyrics…a beautiful expression and expression of love so glorious. Yeah, you are sent from heaven. “The Only One” by Temmora featuring Karma released in 2019, and a very popular first dance song “Find Someone Like You” by Snoh Aalegra released in 2019 with lyrics…And even when it’s bad, I love you. I’ve been waiting my whole life to find someone like you.

Another unknown R & B artist Derran Day with his song “My Word” released in 2018, has the perfect first dance moment with lyrics…we’ll never grow apart. I won’t let it happen. You have my word. “Today I Do” by Tamia released in 2018. One of my favorites of all time, I actually have it ranked as number one on our favorite first dance songs is “Beyond” by Leon Bridges released in 2018. Will she have my kids? Will she be my wife? She might just be my everything and beyond. Another one of the great wedding R & B songs of all time “Best Part” by H.E.R. featuring Daniel Caesar released in 2017. Where you go, I follow, no matter how far. If life is a movie, oh, you’re the best part. Released in 2016 is MAJOR’s song “Why I Love You”. And the same year, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Megan Trainor and John legend. In 2013 John Legends “All Of Me” that I’m sure everybody knows. And the final R & B song I have was released in 2000. “Spend My Life With You” by Eric Benet and Tamia with…can’t you just feel how much I love you. With one touch of my hand. Can I spend my life with you?

All right, next up, I have a few Rock first dance songs. With the first one released in 2021 by Jax Hollow called “Drift Together”. With lyrics…Welcome to my life. I’ve been waiting on you. Waiting, waiting for a long time. In 2020 LANY released “Nobody Else”. And if heaven doesn’t want us, would you go with me to hell? Hope you know, I don’t want nobody else. In 2019 O.A.R. released “All Because Of You”. I’ll be here forever. We’re so good when we’re together. Let me hold you till we’re older. This next song could be under Pop but I have “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and also his “Thinking Out Loud”. The widely popular “Marry Me” by Train was released in 2010. And in 2005, I have Jack Johnson’s song “Better Together” with lyrics…It’s not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving. I’ll tell you one thing. It’s always better when we’re together. And the final Rock song is “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star released in 1994 with…you put your hands into your head, and then its smiles cover your heart. Fade into you.

Next up are a few Christian first dance songs. The first song on our list is “Hundred More Years” by Francisca Battistelli, released in 2011. Hopefully, I didn’t mess up her last name too much. She’s spinning like a little princess makin’ sure he’s gonna notice. He could watch her twirl for a hundred years. In 2010 “When I Say I Do” by Matthew West…and I pray every day will be the proof, that I mean what I say when I say I do. Yeah, I mean what I say when I say. “Love Never fails” by Brandon Heath was released in 2009. My favorite Christian first dance song, “When God Made You” by Newsong featuring Natalie Grant in 2004, with lyrics…I wonder if he knew everything I would need because he made all of my dreams come true. When God made you. And finally, released in 1989, is “I Will Be Here” by Steven Chapman with lyrics…As sure as seasons are made for change, our lifetimes are made for years. So I will be here. To close out our list is a couple of other first dance song genres. Starting off with Lil Yachty’s song “Love Music” released in 2021. If you guys met during high school, then this makes for a great song. With lyrics…Good things about you and your ways. All I ever do is think about you. Yeah. Think of you and me holding hands. “Cinderella, Part 2” by CHIKA released in 2021. Cinderella, you sound like me. I remember you from my dreams. When I’m with you, you make time freeze. And finally, Michael Buble with “Everything” released in 2007, with…it’s you, it’s you, you make me sing. You’re every line. You’re every word. You’re everything.

So, there you have it, 125 first dance songs that were all relatively new songs. If you prefer to read the list or listen to the list you can do so on our website, My Wedding Songs, you can go there by MyWeddingSongs.com. If you have any questions about any of the songs on the list, reach out to us there. This is our first episode of February 2022. In two weeks, I’m going to be dropping another podcast episode for Hot Country Songs that you could play at your wedding. Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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