Wedding Songs Podcast Statistics @ 6 Months – E27

Episode 27

Matt talks about a few of the podcast statistics after being live for 6 months!

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Podcast Transcript

Hello and welcome to the 27th episode of The Wedding Songs Podcast. We have a treat for you today with our 27th episode, that means we’ve been online now for 26 weeks, which means six months, and I thought I’d share with you a little bit of the podcast process and the podcast statistics that we’ve developed over the past six months. So let’s go ahead and get started with the first stat is the number of downloads of our podcasts over the last six months, it is a whopping 2,700. That’s right. 2,700 downloads. Wow. Six months and only 2,700. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I can tell you that that’s what it is, 2,700.

And what’s interesting is the most popular episodes are the newly released songs from the past month and also the hot songs that are being released. Being that the most popular episodes are the newly released and the hot songs, that’s the way we’re going to proceed over the next six months. So we’re going to have about two episodes a month, so that way I can focus on other things, but also give you exactly what you’re looking for. Just to give you a little bit more of a deep dive into our podcast, I can tell you that mobile applications account for 86%. So our podcast is being listened to on applications. But of those mobile devices, what devices are people listening to?

And I can tell you that of the people that are actually listening to our podcasts on a mobile device, 60% are on an Android device. And you’ll know this because, in America, most people have Android devices, whereas, in other parts of the world, more people have iPhones, whereas only 24% of the people listening to our podcasts are on an iPhone. Some of the other interesting facts about our podcast is where people are listening to it. And I can tell you that majority of the people are actually in the United States, bomp, bomp, bomp. Oh yes, big surprise there. But I can tell you just as much listenership as there is in the United States, just a slight drop, the number two country is India.

And the number three drops all the way down to about 10% of the people listening to our podcast, and that is Pakistan, and then other English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom. So I can tell you the top three are definitely the United States, India, and Pakistan, I guess they really want to know about their wedding music. So if you’re listening to us outside of the United States, thank you very much. So that’s a little bit about our podcast statistics, but let’s go deep into Spotify. And for the last six months, only 639 starts with 168 streams and 402 listeners. And on Spotify, we do have 59 followers. After six months, only 59 followers. I guess I need to improve what I’m talking about.

So there will be some changes moving forward and hope that we can start to increase those numbers. And if you do have any suggestions, please do reach out to us on our Facebook group, Wedding Songs Chat, or will take you right there. One of the things that you may not be aware of is what we’re able to do is convert our podcast into a video. We’re able to convert our MP3 files, which are audio files, into MP4 files by using a tool called Headliner. And Headliner is a great tool that will convert that audio into an actual video. And what we’re doing with those is we’re uploading those into our YouTube channel.

So thank you to those who are also listening to us on our YouTube channel. We not only have our podcast, but we do also have song list suggestions on our YouTube channel. And our username is actually Wedding Museum. We can’t change that until we get over a hundred followers. As of today, Tuesday, June 21st, we do have 88 subscribers. Our channel is My Wedding Songs, but the URL is Wedding Museum. But once we get over a hundred subscribers, cross our fingers we’ll be able to change our URL as well to My Wedding Songs. But you can search for us anywhere on YouTube and find us as My Wedding Songs. So what are some of the followers doing on YouTube and some of the listeners?

Well, on YouTube, I can tell you that we started off with about seven followers when I first started doing videos on January 1st, and we have increased our subscribers by 81 where now we’re at 88. And during those six months, our watch time has surpassed 263 hours with over 32,000 views. I’m very thankful for those views. But the one thing that you have to keep in mind is the number of people that actually listen to your podcasts or listen to your videos, watch your videos, whatever it may be, consuming your videos on YouTube, only a small percentage actually go to our website, so less than 50 people a month.

Even though we’ve had over 10,000 video views over the last 30 days, only about 50 people have gone to our website. Even though we’ve optimized the titles, the descriptions, and added links within the videos, it just seems like they don’t really go to our website from the YouTube channel. So hopefully as our views increase, we’ll be able to monetize those videos in the future. One final stat I thought I would share with you is the number of people that are coming to our website, Now, of course, during the pandemic, when that hit in March and April, we’ve had a significant decrease just because there are so many fewer people that are planning their weddings.

And that’s gradually going up as well as the country starts to open up. But since January 1st, we’ve topped 2,092,777 visitors to our website, which we’re very thankful for. And for the last 30 days, we’ve topped 316,824. So hopefully we’re on track to top four million visitors again this year, 2020, even though we are in a pandemic and fewer weddings are happening. But once the country does open up, we’re going to have weddings all throughout the week. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of our offbeat statistics about our podcasts and about our website. If you have any questions or want to talk about anything, I’m an open book.

And you can reach out to me on our Facebook group,, or you can go to our Facebook group, Wedding Songs Chat, either way. I hope you’re having a great day and wish you health and safety until we are able to get back to normal.

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