iHeartRadio Music Festival Friday Night 1 (Recap & Videos)

iHeartRadio Music Festival celebrated its 13th year in existence in Las Vegas. The festival is a 2-night concert featuring many artists in different music genres. We attended the first night. The festival is one of our favorites because of the wide variety of superstars performing. Here is what it was like to attend.

Toshiba Square just outside of T-Mobile Arena was themed “House of Music”. Here is a picture of the entrance.

Below are more pictures from the House of Music.

  • The main music stage in Toshiba Square with DJ.
  • Next in the middle is the T-Mobile booth.
  • To the right is a picture of us inside the Lenny Kravitz-inspired “Let Love Rule” experience with guitars.
  • At the bottom is a Wendy’s frosty booth. Guests got their picture taken at a photo booth and then could put their picture up on the wall to match the theme.

Matt and Sharon at the Kelly Clarkson Immersive Experience ‘House Of Music’.

The song that describes our aura color is Healing, Generosity, and Insight. The song selected was “Me”.

The email with the photo read: “Your keepsake photo from the Kelly Clarkson Aura Reader is here and ready to share with your friends! Tag us #KellyClarkson #Chemistry #HouseOfMusic2023 #iHeartFestival2023”

We had enough fun outside and now it was time to enjoy the show!

Just to preface, we had seats just a tad to one side but pretty much straight on. No cricked necks from seeing it from the side.

The official lineup of the artists:

  1. Agnez Mo – Opening Act
  2. Lenny Kravitz
  3. TLC
  4. Sheryl Crow
  5. Bakar
  6. Lil Dirk
    • J. Cole
  7. Tim McGraw
  8. Miguel
  9. Kane Brown
    • Katelyn Brown
    • Khalid
  10. Lil Wayne

I took a few photos of the artists. Starting with the top and left to right. Time McGraw, Sheryl Crow, Miguel, and Agnez Mo.

Agnez Mo was the first artist. She sang 3 songs with 2 being collaborations with superstars, Ciara and Chris Brown. She put on a show for a short time and was entertaining.

Then, it was SHOW TIME!

Countdown and intro to the show!

Lenny Kravitz kicked butt and was one of the best acts of the night! This is his opening song American Woman. Sorry, I did not get much on video as I was enjoying the moment!

TLC sings Waterfalls. TLC was awesome and a reminder of how much Lisa Left Eye is missed in the group. There is a reason why they are the highest-selling female group of all time!

TLC sings Creep

TLC sings Red Light Special. Everyone at the concert was given light-up wristbands for the red effect.

Sheryl Crow sings Soak Up The Sun. Sheryl Crow will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. Well deserved! However, her songs seemed a bit boring as the crowd was not really into her.

BAKAR sings HELL N BACK. BAKAR only sang two songs but did a great job and gave it all he had to get everyone involved.

Lil Durk and J. Cole singing “All My Life”. This was one of the biggest pops of the night. I did not know Lil Durk besides All My Life but he put on a great show and everyone was stoked to see J. Cole join him on stage for the mega-hit.

Video of Tim McGraw’s Intro. A county icon sang two new songs and a couple of classics. It would have been much better as part of a country concert.

Tim McGraw sings “Live Like You Were Dying”

Video of Miguel’s performance. Miguel was very entertaining and added a nice mix of R&B into the show.

Video of Kane Brown’s Intro. Brown is one of the biggest acts of the night. It was great to see his wife join him on stage for their hit and Khalid joins him to sing “Be Like That”.

Kane & Katelyn Brown Singing Thank God

When Lil Wayne went on stage it was a bit after midnight. We were freezing cold in our seats and caught a few songs outside on the stage. If you are a Lil Wayne fan, it was a fun Hip Hop performance.

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