20 Intercultural Mexican & White First Dance Love Songs

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Finding the perfect first dance song for intercultural couples can be difficult. You want to celebrate your love for each other and your culture.

But how can you do all of that with a song?

Below are several options for a Mexican & White wedding couple trying to pick your first dance song!

Intercultural Mexican White Love Songs

Mexican & White Couple First Dance Song Ideas

Our first suggestion would be to play a mashup of a love song in Spanish and a love song in English. This way both cultures are represented.

This can be done with a love song that is sung in English and in Spanish. Then, play the first half in all one language and finish your dance in the other half.

“Forever My Love” by J. Balvin & Ed Sheeran

Released in March 2022 by two music superstars.

A love song in some English and Spanish about being in love and loving someone forever.

Meaningful Lyrics in Spanish: “En dondequiera que estés, ahí estaré / Hoy y mañana, por siempre, mi amor”
Lyrics Meaning in English: “Wherever you are, I’ll be there / Today and tomorrow, forever, my love”
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“I Want It All (Spanglish Version)” by Kat & Alex

Released in September 2022. The husband-and-wife duo has a country sound with a Latin twist.

The song is basically wedding vows to promise to be there through the highs and lows. This song is a great example of having both Spanish and English sung in a love song.

Meaningful Lyrics in Spanish (Yo Quiero Amarte): “Enséñame solo quiero amarte / No hay nadie que me ama como tú”
Meaningful Lyrics in English: “Prove it, no, I ain’t afraid to prove it / That I’m all in, fallin’ for you / That smile, I’m head over heels for that smile”
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“Marry Me (Ballad)” by Jennifer Lopez, Maluma

Released in February 2022 and featured in the film Marry Me.

The song is performed by two Latin Superstars all in English. The song is asking someone to marry you from a queen to her king.

Meaningful Lyrics: “Baby, marry me, marry me, say, “Yes” / Marry me, marry me, say, “Yes”
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“Homesick” by Kane Brown & Río Roma

Released in January 2021.

A song about being away from home and telling them you love them. The song has both Spanish and English lyrics.

Meaningful Lyrics: “Baby, that’s the damn truth / If home is where the heart is / I’m homesick for you”
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“Dos Oruguitas” by Sebastián Yatra

The song is featured in the 2021 movie Encanto.

The song is about two caterpillars falling in love before having to let go of one another.

Meaningful Lyrics in Spanish: “Ya son milagros, rompiendo crisálidas / Hay que volar, hay que encontrar / Su propio futuro”
Meaningful Lyrics in English Version: “Wonders await you / Just on the other side / Trust they’ll be there / Start to prepare / The way for tomorrow”
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I mention this song because there is a Spanish/English mashup!

“Lost in the Middle of Nowhere (Spanish Remix)” by Kane Brown and Becky G

Released in March 2019 from the country and Latin superstars.

The song is about a young couple in love that wants to go live together in the middle of nowhere.

Meaningful Lyrics in Spanish: “La luna está llena, la noche está buena / Nadie nos puede parar / Porque el amor no tiene hora y lugar”
Meaningful Lyrics in English: “The moon is full, the night is good / No one can stop us / Because love has no time and place”
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“Ocean (Remix)” by Karol G and Jessie Reyez

Released in September 2019

A love song about always loving someone sung in Spanish and English.

Meaningful Lyrics in Spanish: “Me siento grande por ti / Y aunque lo intentara no podría sin ti / Toda mi felicidad es gracias a ti”
Lyrics Meaning in English: “I feel great for you / And even if I tried I couldn’t without you / All my happiness is thanks to you”
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“My Only One (No Hay Nadie Más)” by Isabela Merced and Sebastián Yatra

Released in May 2018. (also available in Spanish only as a solo by Yatra)

A song telling a story of loving someone and letting them know that there’s nobody else and the only one for you.

Meaningful Lyrics in Spanish: “Te voy a extrañar en la tempestad / Y aunque existan mil razones para renunciar / No hay nadie más”
Meaningful Lyrics in English: “When the rain gets rough, when you’ve had enough / I’ll just sweep you off your feet and fix you with my love / My only one”
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“Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti” by Alejandro Fernández Christina Aguilera

Released in August 2013.

A love song is sung in all Spanish.

Meaningful Lyrics in Spanish: “Quiero en tus manos abiertas buscar mi camino / Y que te sientas mujer solamente conmigo / Hoy tengo ganas de ti”
Meaning Lyrics in English: I want in your open hands to find my way / And that you feel like a woman only with me / Today I want you”
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“Stand by Me” by Prince Royce

Released in March 2010.

This is a cover of the song made famous by Ben E. King. It is sung in both English and Spanish.

Meaningful Lyrics in Spanish: “No llorare, no llorare oh, I won’t share a tear / por que se, que tu estas junto a mi”
Meaningful Lyrics in English: “I won’t cry, I won’t cry / No I won’t shed a tear / Just as long as you stand / Stand by me”
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“Cuando Me Enamoro” by Enrique Iglesias ft Juan Luis Guerra

Released in July 2010.

A song about what a man feels when he falls in love.

Meaningful Lyrics in Spanish: “Se detiene el tiempo / Me viene el alma al cuerpo / Sonrío / Cuando me enamoro”
Lyrics Meaning in English: “The time stops / My soul comes to my body / I smile / When I Fall in Love”
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“Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Ximena Sariñana

Released in June 2009 and was originally released with Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.

Why Play: The song tells about the best of friends being in love but he always has to leave and yearns to come home again. The song is also sung in both Spanish and English.

Meaningful Lyrics in Spanish: “Suerte que hay más para conocer / Suerte que contigo crecere / Suerte que te tengo al volver”
Meaningful Lyrics in English: “Lucky I’m in love with my best friend / Lucky to have been where I have been / Lucky to be coming home again”
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“Yo Te Voy A Amar” (This I Promise You) by *N Sync

The original English version was released in September 2000.

A song about standing by someone and believing in them.

Meaningful Lyrics in Spanish: “Si siente un frío / Tu corazón / Seré tu abrigo, tu ilusión”
Meaningful Lyrics in English: “And I will take you in my arms / And hold you right where you belong / ‘Til the day my life is through”
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“Por Siempre Tú” by Christina Aguilera

Released in December 1999.

A song about loving someone and being happy and safe with them.

Meaningful Lyrics in Spanish: “Mi guardián será refugio de tu querer / La fe que me hará creer que vale mi vida”
Meaningful Lyrics in English: “When I lose the will to win / I just reach for you / and I can reach the sky”
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“My Baby You” by Marc Anthony

Released in September 1999.

Even though Anthony wrote the song as a dedication to his daughter it is still a beautiful love song that could relate to couples.

Meaningful Lyrics: “Baby you / There’s no more just getting by / You’re the reason I feel so alive”
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“I Could Fall In Love” by Selena

Released in July 1995.

A song by a beloved Latin superstar in Spanish and English. The song is about a lady falling in love with a guy.

Meaningful Lyrics: “I could fall in love (fall in love) / With you (you baby)”
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“Dreaming Of You” by Selena

Released in July 1995.

A song by a beloved Latin superstar in Spanish and English. The song is about dreaming about your lover and telling each other “I Love You”.

Meaningful Lyrics: “And I still can’t believe / That you came up to me / And said, “I love you” / I love you too!”
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“I Adore Mi Amor” by Color Me Badd

Released July 1991.

A song about never leaving your lover and always loving them.

Meaningful Lyrics: “I think I’m gonna have to stay / Stay, por siempre / I ador mi amor / I ador mi amor (stay forever I adore my love)”
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“We Belong Together” by Los Lobos

Released in 1987 and featured in the movie soundtrack to La Bamba. The song was first released in 1950 by Ritchie Valens.

A love dedication letting your lover know that you will love them for eternity.

Meaningful Lyrics: “I swear by everything I own / You’ll always, always be mine”
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If you have a favorite first dance song for an Intercultural Mexican & White couple, please share it below and why it is special to you.

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